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Test Engineer / 3D Environment Artist / C# Developer Resume


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Dedicated and versatile IT professional with expertise in game development, quality assurance, and comprehensive technical skills, showcasing a proven ability to manage remote teams and lead complex projects for successful outcomes. Adept at communicating the core vision and leveraging proficiency in various programming languages, and tools to drive innovation and excel in challenging environments.



C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP.Core C++, JavaScript, Lua, VBA, Swift, HLSL, SQL, CSS, Unreal Blueprints, Playmaker, Unity Bolt



Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, Cry Engine, RPG Maker, VN Maker, Smile Game Builder, Pico



Selenium, Appium, JMeter, Game Analytics Datasuite, FrameMaker, Articy Draft X, Machinations.io



Maya, Blender, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, World Machine, Revit, ArcGis



Active Directory, MacOS, iOS, Windows Vista, , ,, Data Recovery, Data Migration, Microsoft Azure, ITIL, CI/CD, RPA, Jira, HacknPlan, Zendesk, Routers, Firewalls, BOX, Salesforce, G-Suite, Virtualization, Vmware



Zoom, Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, Google Hangouts, Chat, Slack, Discord


Professional Work Experience

Video Game Designer (% REMOTE)

Subjective Reality Studios LLC, Lawrence, KS                                                                               / – Present

  • Implemented and managed various in-game systems, combat encounters, inventory management, UI, character AI features and BOX version controls or build, playing a key role in PC/Mac projects.
  • Spearheaded the design and optimization of D/D art assets using Blender and Maya.
  • Demonstrated leadership by managing a remote team of , overseeing tasks and collaboration.
  • Utilized Microsoft Project and HacknPlan for remote team management, maintaining comprehensive documentation such as narrative design docs, art bibles, mechanic concepts, and technical docs.
  • Designed and adjusted game prototypes, responding to test cases, game telemetry, ad hoc feedback, and conducting various tests such as mission or stress to enhance gameplay quality.


Biophotonics Test Lab Operator (CONTRACT)

Apple Inc, Cupertino, CA                                                                                                             / – /

  • Facilitated a lab experiment involving testing bio samples on fixtures and checking waveform quality.
  • Designed first half of a custom Isolated Network database for specific R&D fixtures based on SOPs using C#, .NET, Visual Basic, MySQL, Docker, and SQLite to keep track of Gel samples.

Failure Analysis Engineer (CONTRACT)

Apple Inc, Sunnyvale, CA                                                                                                                  / – /

  • Conducted work order testing on iPhone, iPad and Airpods coming from customers and global factories.
  • Performed testing in a pipeline across dedicated testing stations such as Bluetooth, E-noise, compliance, sensors, battery, camera, acoustics, and more after reviewing team notes in the database.
  • Communicated triage data, test requirements and issues to DRI Engineers, PQM, vendors, or operators.
  • Provided internal technical support to Apple Care or Apple subsidiaries and calibrated test fixtures.
  • Updated Apple Radar, Nanokdp, Quip, and Filemaker Database to track the repair/diagnostic process.
  • Completed Matrix X.L X-Ray System scans and finished roughly iPhones or Airpods weekly.
  • Created fixture SOP’s and was responsible for receiving and shipping units to specific engineers or teams.



E-Commerce Assistant Manager

OSR EVO Maintenance Technician, Safeway, San Jose, CA                                                         / – /

  • Fulfilled to online orders per shift using Kisoft Warehouse Management System and Scada.
  • Troubleshooted Knapp Logistics AG OSR Shuttle Evo hardware and repaired other components such as control arms, sensors, elevators, power boxes, conveyor rollers, decanting and closed Zendesk tickets.
  • Troubleshooted OSR Shuttle Evo hardware, collaborating with tech partners Takeoff and Knapp
  • Resolved over-the-phone customer e-commerce order issues, fraud, or dispatched trucker issues.


Retail Sales Associate,

Saks Off th, Milpitas, CA                                                                                                              / – /

  • Advised customers on merchandise in clothing and jewelry departments.
  • Exceeded sales goals in each department and prepared e-commerce outgoing shipments.
  • Assisted with inventory management, replenishment, forecasting, and engaged in visual merchandising.
  • Provided specialized assistance with suits or bra fitting, ensuring a personalized shop experience.


IT Help Desk

Front-End Developer Internship, Ottawa University, KS                                                          /–/

  • Designed, developed, and maintained web pages on the University main website and branch sites using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Figma, and Adobe XD.
  • Collaborated with various stakeholders, including the director of software solutions, librarians, and third-party research companies like EBSCOhost, to integrate or update new databases on the library web page.
  • Led the digitization efforts of cassette tapes, library archives, interviews, and special collections, enhancing sound and video quality, and incorporating modern features for improved usability across university software.
  • Provided comprehensive technical support by responding to staff emails and Zendesk tickets, managing the university helpdesk, and assisting with class software, logins, and device-related issues.
  • Conducted maintenance and upgrades on Mac, Dell, and other devices, including repairs and replacements, ensuring alignment with evolving class requirements and software updates.
  • Contributed to the installation of new server racks in the library basement to enhance infrastructure capabilities.
  • Addressed student inquiries via phone, assisting with login issues, resolving webpage failures, and providing specific information as needed.


Head Cashier

Retail Sales Associate, Menards, Lawrence, KS                                                                               / – /

  • Advised customers, contractors, students, and companies on merchandise for custom-building material projects, considering city codes, audits, drafting, and addressing any arising problems.
  • Oversaw the management of service desk returns, rental machines, rental auto contracts, and inspections to ensure efficient operations.
  • Conducted over-the-phone callbacks with customers, focusing on project details and facilitating the setup of e-commerce orders.
  • Headed cashier operations, managing a team, and ensuring smooth transactions in a renovation store.


 Ottawa University, KS                                                                                                                     /–/
  • Provided administrative support as an Assistant under the Executive Assistant, managing tasks for University Provost, Dean of Instruction, Head of Operations, and University Vice President.
  • Assisted with accreditation-related responsibilities, including syllabus archival and the creation of documentation for accreditation approval through collaboration with multiple university deans.
  • Managed sensitive government, student, and university data, ensuring accurate filing and editing.
  • Served as an Event Coordinator for students, clubs, administration, and external stakeholders, overseeing seamless coordination for various events.


Land Protection Coordinator,


Kansas Land Trust, Lawrence, KS                                                                                                        / /

  • Utilized Microsoft Access to file various types of ecological, recreational, historical, or agricultural data.
  • Programmed new features into proprietary cartography software to edit Kansas map data.
  • Assist in the preparation of reports and presentations to be presented to the Conservation Director.
  • Conduct land assessments using Geographic Information software ArcGIS and identify priority areas.


Circuit Board Solderer & Inventory Control Specialist,

Wicked Broadband, Lawrence, KS                                                                                                    / – /

  • Conducted circuit board soldering activities to enhance city Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Maintained an organized inventory of electronic components distributed throughout the city.
  • Conducted over-the-phone research surveys with customers to assess service quality feedback.
  • Performed thorough inventory audits by contacting customers, addressing discrepancies, and updating customer accounts based on feedback received during calls.



Election Game, Genre: Political Simulation, View Game                                                              Released: /

A multiplayer systemic game where players win states using speech or media tactics.

  • Implemented the JavaScript API to grab researched historical or altered election data.
  • Developed using VBA and JavaScript in Excel while acting as a Game Programmer.


Santa Can’t Breathe on Mars, Genre: Christmas Game, View Game                                          Released: /

A systematic game allowing the user to play Santa on Mars requiring the user to deliver presents on time while dealing with real-time environmental changes or face eventual suffocation powered by Christmas spirit gauge.

  • Served as the only Sound Designer and Level Designer in a team of five with four other programmers.


Ley Line Princess, Genre: Top-down Action RPG, View Game                                               / – In Progress

A single-player RPG strategy game where players control a cast of characters, embarking on story quests. Each party character must manage personal factions or nations remotely through UI, quests, and emergent gameplay.

  • Created over D top-down environments as the player will move through nations.
  • Acted as a Level Designer, Narrative Designer and Gameplay Programmer with an indie team of .



  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Management Information Systems | Ottawa University, KS |  / – /