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Seeking new career opportunities as a Trainer, Teacher, Coach.


Pounding Pavement ,

Boynton Beach, FL

            – Present


Expert guidance in job search coaching and a robust selection of online courses.

Trainer | Job Search Strategist


Provided valuable career services, including interview preparation and job search training, to job seekers High School, College, Professionals all the way up to C-Suite.

Speaker and Author

Wrote and published five books on how to market yourself and showcase your expertise.

Delivered speeches and presentations at prominent industry-related events,
including the FIRST Robotics World Championships, South Florida Tech Hub, RIT,
Pace University, Texas A&M, and International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Curriculum Development | Education

Developed multiple training curriculum and online courses, personally recording,
producing, and editing course materials.

Created templates and style sheets using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and InDesign
to enhance document production efficiency.

Brand Development and Social Media Online Presence

Conceptualized and developed comprehensive company branding, including logo identity, website, marketing materials, and social media strategy to enhance brand recognition.

Created and managed profiles on social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Marketing & Sales Resources,

Boynton Beach, FL

            – Present


Niche executive search firm dedicated to the recruitment of top-tier marketing and sales management executives.

Executive Recruiter | Trainer


Executed recruitment efforts in the industrial, BB sectors for marketing and sales executives, demonstrating expertise in talent acquisition within niche markets.

Leveraged platforms such as LinkedIn Recruiter, CareerBuilder, Monster,
and other candidate searching tools and professional groups to proactively source
and engage both passive and active candidates, expanding the talent pool.

Collaborated closely with hiring managers of Fortune companies to establish delivery expectations and define specific requirements for open positions, aligning recruitment efforts with organizational needs.

Conducted thorough interviews and evaluations of potential candidates for company positions, ensuring that only the best-fit individuals were advanced in the hiring process.

Prepared and presented competitive offer packages to candidates, demonstrating
strong negotiation skills to align with salary expectations.

Maintained meticulous documentation of recruitment processes, ensuring compliance
and providing a transparent record of each candidate's journey.

Creative Direction, Marketing, Processes

Conceptualized and developed comprehensive company branding, including logo identity, website, marketing materials, and social media strategy to enhance brand recognition
and engagement.

Led the design, implementation, and programming of the company website on WIX, ensuring a user-friendly interface and optimal functionality to support digital marketing efforts.

Lead role in evaluation, recommendation, and procurement of an applicant tracking system that streamlined and digitzed recruitment processes, improving efficiency and
candidate management.


FIRST Robotics TEam ,

Hillsdale, NJ



Global non-profit organization with the mission to inspire young leaders in the fields of STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)



Educated high school students in a broad spectrum of subjects, including graphic design, publishing, website design, app design, and animation.

Provided hands-on instruction in the use of computer design software,
including Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and HTML/CSS.

Project Management

Led the team in the successful authorship and publication of the 'Lily the Learner' children's book series, now available on Amazon and Kindle.

Developed a program to design and produce an annual team yearbook in a digital format.

Directed student Android app projects, now accessible on GooglePlay,
GPS (Generate My Project Schedule), Science Trivia, and Lily Visits a Farm.

Guided and oversaw students in the design and development of a new team website.

Managed a student project aimed at creating a website for autistic children.

Led community outreach efforts as a team leader.

Guided students in the creation of annual team videos and animations.

Directed students in crafting compelling presentation materials for competitions and community outreach, emphasizing communication and presentation skills.

Established and organized an annual fundraising community event, ‘LEGO'S & a Movie,’.


Mentored team to win World Championship Awards:
Engineering Inspiration, Entrepreneurship, and Safety.


purple communications,

Hackensack, NJ/Rocklin, CA



Nation’s largest provider of communication services for the deaf, hard of hearing and speech-disabled communities.

Creative Director

Marcomm Department Management

Managed and directed all projects for the in-house Marcomm Department remotely
from office in NJ (company was based in CA) including advertising, web design,
email campaigns, marketing materials, event support, promotional items,
and exhibit booth design.

Hired as a - month contractor, continued to provide consistent value for two years, contributing to department's success until centralization occurred in the California office.

Supervised and provided creative direction to the design and production team.

Implemented cost-saving initiatives, effectively reducing company printing expenditures by %, showcasing fiscal responsibility and resource management efficiency.

Acted as a hands-on designer and production artist, directly contributing
to the creation of high-quality visual materials.

Department Collaboration

Collaborated with various departments, offering expert consultation for the creation, planning, and development of marketing materials.

Engaged in productive brainstorming sessions with project managers and engineers
to conceptualize and shape innovative ideas while staying on target with project goals.

Graphic Design and User Experience Design (UI)

Designed and produced user interface (UI) for P Video Relay Software on Desktop, iPhone and Android applications creating intuitive and visually appealing user experience.

Led the design and production of all email campaigns, optimizing engagement
and communication with target audiences.

Designed, coordinated and programmed company website using HTML.


Design Tides,

Hillsdale, NJ



A comprehensive design studio specializing in both digital and print communication solutions.

Creative Director | Project Management

Orchestrated the end-to-end design and production of diverse multi-media materials, encompassing logo identity, corporate branding, product catalogs, advertising, marketing/sales collateral, media presentations, websites, signage, and email campaigns
and direct mail pieces.

Managed and worked with external vendors for print, web, and photography services, ensuring high-quality deliverables while maintaining cost efficiency.

Streamlined financial processes by creating quotations and handling invoicing for projects, effectively managing the budget.


Metro design group,

Syracuse, NY



A comprehensive Design Studio specializing in both digital and print communication solutions.

Creative Director | Project Management

Provided design and production services to a diverse range of clients,
including small and large businesses.

Projects encompassed print ads, brochures, catalogs, sell sheets, package and label design, presentation materials, slide presentations, illustrations, posters, newsletters, logos, corporate identities, packages, web banners, websites, and more.

Demonstrated comprehensive project management skills by personally handling
all aspects of print purchasing, ensuring that materials were sourced and produced
to the highest standards while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Managed the financial aspects of client projects by developing quotations and invoicing.


Dolphin Technology,

Rome, NY



Defense contractor providing information assurance technology to the Department of Defense (DoD)
and Intelligence Community (IC).

Creative Director - Contractor

Marketing and Brand Enhancement

Designed and produced slide presentations, company brochures, and a trade show booth, effectively enhancing the company's presence in the market.

Contributed to the brand's visual identity creating logo designs and web interface designs for various products, establishing a consistent and brand image.

User Interface Design (UI)

Redesigned the user interface (UI) for ISSE Guard IA, an information assurance device used for secure data transfer between government agencies, with a specific focus on handling secret and top-secret data.

Redesigned the user interface (UI) for additional top secret projects.

Ensured the UI complied with the highest security and usability standards,
meeting the specific needs of government clients.

jewish community center (JCC),

Syracuse, NY



Family community center featuring community events, fitness center and childhood programs.

Marketing Director

Marketing and Promotion

Orchestrated the end-to-end design and production of all marketing, advertising,
and public relations materials for a wide range of community events and programs, ensuring consistent messaging and brand representation.

Website Design and Management

Successfully designed, produced, and maintained the organization's website,
enhancing online presence and improving the user experience.

Budget Planning

Planned annual department marketing strategies, working within the constraints of tight, non-profit-based budgets.

Media Exposure and Press Relations

Generated media exposure by writing and submitting press releases to local and regional media outlets, boosting the visibility of community events and programs.

Event Marketing and Branding

Coordinated the production of promotional materials for all events, ensuring a cohesive and professional visual identity.


Coordinated, designed, wrote and produced quarterly program catalogs distributed to area to promote organization activities.


Corporate Trainer,




Specializing in crafting impactful presentation and direct marketing designs for corporate clients.

Corporate Trainer - Contract

Delivered instruction at a variety of educational institutions and corporations,
including ExxonMobil, AT&T, Avaya, Aventis, and Schering Plough.

Taught at prominent educational institutions and organizations, including:

Morris County Community College (Morristown, NJ)

Mercer County Educational Technology Training Center (Princeton, NJ)

Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Lawrenceville, NJ

Inacom Information Systems in Lawrenceville, NJ

Corporate Training Group in Iselin, NJ

Kinley & Manbeck in Lawrenceville, NJ

Instructed a diverse range of courses, covering Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker,
CorelDraw, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, Word), Internet usage, FrontPage,
and Windows operating systems.

Designed and developed comprehensive software training courses,
tailoring content to meet specific learning objectives.

Conducted both semester-long courses and intensive - to -day sessions.



New York, NY



Specializing in crafting impactful presentation and direct marketing designs for corporate clients.

Creative Director

Leadership and Team Management

Led and supervised the creative department of a -hour design service,
overseeing a team of seven staff artists and freelancers.

Implemented process improvements by streamlining department features and offerings, resulting in a more efficient production process and enhanced client satisfaction.

Designed and developed department database to track all jobs, improving workflow
and project tracking, leading to more effective and organized project execution.


Content Creation and Art Direction

Provided design, art direction and content creation for slide presentations catering to diverse clients in the banking, publishing, television, and other sectors in New York City.

Provided design, art direction and content creation for Showtime direct mail campaigns.

Account Management and Client Relations

Acted as an Account Executive for key accounts, managing relationships
and ensuring the satisfaction of clients such as Bankers Trust, Showtime,
and Simon & Schuster.

Financial Management

Responsible for estimating and invoicing, managing the financial aspects of the department.


avenue magazine,

New York, NY



Manhattan's venerable society magazine with a rich legacy.

Creative Services Design Director

Department Coordination | Design

Coordinated the Advertising Services department.

Designed advertorial booklets and sales tools, which played a pivotal role
in generating new business and enhancing the company's revenue streams.

Client Relations | Key Account Manager

Collaborated closely with top-level management, including the President, Judy Price, Publisher, and the sales staff, to align advertising strategies with organizational goals
and meet client expectations.

Acted as the lead designer during appointments with key accounts

Played a crucial role in securing and maintaining relationships with prestigious clients, including Coca-Cola, Christian Dior, The Ritz Hotel, and the Moroccan Government.


PC magazine, ziff davis publishing

New York, NY



Computer magazine printed by Ziff Davis Publishing began in .

Creative Services Design Director

Produced computer graphics for use in a trade publication.

Designed and set up layouts for magazine stories.




Career Highlights

Creative Vision Across Diverse Industries:
Led creative design and branding projects across a wide spectrum of industries,
including Retail, Banking, Publishing,
Non-Profit, Video Relay, Health, Fitness,
and the Department of Defense (DoD).

Dynamic Leadership and
Department Management:
Managed Creative Departments in both
large and small businesses, showcasing adaptability and leadership, ensuring
high-quality output and seamless operations.

Inspiring Mentorship in Robotics:
Mentor for the FIRST Robotics Team,
consistently guided the team to remarkable achievements, securing consecutive years
of Chairman's, Engineering Inspiration,
and Entrepreneurship Awards,
and mentored the team to achieve
World Championship Awards.

Educator and Curriculum Developer: Developed and delivered specialized
curriculum and training materials for corporations and educational institutions, including continuing education programs
for teachers, colleges, and K- institutions.

Versatile Career Experience:
Excelled in a range of roles, including
Creative Director, Educator, Trainer, Marketing Director, and Mentor, consistently delivering high-impact results and expertise.













Executive Recruitment

Team Management

Account Management

Production Management

Project Management


Brand Building

Creative Direction


Course Curriculum Development

Computer Skills

Adobe Creative Suite
- InDesign
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Acrobat


Microsoft Office
- PowerPoint
- Word
- Excel



Google Suite










Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY

Graphic Design,

Honor Student

Chairman, College Activities Board

Programmer, Senior Night - First Annual Senior Night at RIT

Marketing Director, College Activities Board

Representative, Student Life Advisory Board

Governor, Residence Halls Association





Memberships & Organizations

ProVisors        - Present
Executive Committee  

FIRST Robotics Competition 
Judge Advisor -
Judge  -
Volunteer Coordinator
Mentor -


FIRST Robotics Volunteer of the Year          


RESUMES: Inside Secrets To Grab
A Recruiter’s Attention

RESUMES: Inside Secrets To Grab
A Recruiter’s Attention - FIRST Edition

INTERVIEWS: Inside Secrets To Grab
A Recruiter’s Attention

INTERVIEWS: Inside Secrets To Grab
A Recruiter’s Attention - FIRST Edition

High School Resumes for College Applications

Lily The Learner

Speaking Events

FIRST World Championships - Pres

FIRST South Florida FRC Regional   - Pres

FIRST Global

FIRST Headquarters

International Coaching Federation (ICF)
South Florida Chapter

Pace University

Texas A&M


National Center for Women in Technology (NCIT)

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)