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University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (-) 

Bachelor of Science, Industrial and Organizational Psychology



- Innovative Problem Solving

- Verbal and Written Communication

- Passion for Learning and Research

- Data Visualization and Entry

- Issue Resolution

- Attention to Detail

- Emotional Intelligence

- Customer Relationship Management Delegating Assignments and Tasks

- Regulatory Compliance

- Inventory Management Multitasking and Prioritization



Host at Grill St. Elmo (March - Present)

- Provided exceptional customer service throughout the entire dining experience, fostering loyal clientele, resolving complaints, managing seating and table turnover, accommodating special needs, and efficiently handling phone inquiries for reservations, orders, and service- related questions.


CPHT at Medicine Counter Pharmacy (-)

- Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT) with expertise in medication compounding and dispensing, ensuring precise calculations and tailoring to patient-specific needs.

- Proficient in maintaining sterility, potency, and stability of compounded medications throughout the preparation process, following strict quality control protocols and collaborating with physicians.

- Managed pharmacy inventory, maintaining accurate documentation, compounding records, and assisting the pharmacist with wholesale ordering.

- Trained new employees on prescription dispensing, patient data entry, liaising with insurance companies and physicians, creating compound formulations, and fostering long term patient relationships.


Assistant Manager at Trailhead Juice (-)

- Handled weekly produce shopping from local markets ensuring the highest quality seasonal ingredients while positively impacting the community and reducing the company's environmental footprint. Created vegan recipes and extensively researched health benefits of produce and supplements used.

- Primarily worked independently multitasking high volumes of customers, food preparation, store cleanliness, merchandising, social media management, and customer relationships.

- Utilized my college studies by creating a comprehensive business review for the owners with suggestions to optimize resources, generate higher profits and happier employees, and make the company more accessible and inclusive for all customers. Everything pitched was implemented and successful but the company unfortunately had to close its doors due to COVID.