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Full Stack Software Engineer Resume


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Minneapolis MN | ( )   | |  linkedin com/in/fernanda-perez-gutierrez/ github.com/fernperezg

Fernanda Perez Gutierrez | Software Engineer



Human Languages Spanish - Native proficiency

Computer Languages | Python, C, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL

Frameworks & Libraries | AJAX, REACT, JSON, Flask, jQuery, Bootstrap, Jinja, Jasmine, Selenium, Agile/Scrum

Database & Industry Tools | PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Git, Github, Command Line Interface

Tools Software | Microsoft Office, Salesforce, AWS, Wordpress



Hackbright Academy Full Stack Engineering Bootcamp | Dec Case Western Reserve University Masters in Computer Science Coursework | In Progress Normandale Community College Computer Science Program Coursework | Fall Gustavus Adolphus College BA Environmental Science | Jun

Relevant Coursework Intro to Programming in C, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Data Structures



Hackbright Academy &mdash Full Stack Software Engineer | Sep - Dec

Javascript | Python | Javascript | PostgreSQL | HTML | CSS | React | Git | Github | Command Line | AJAX | JSON | Flask | jQuery | Bootstrap | Jinja | AWS | Selenium | Jasmine | Agile/Scrum | Full-Stack Web Development

  • Engineered a full-stack web development app using global COVID- data api, Rapid API.
  • Integrated a locally-held, multi-table PostgreSQL database, which slashed data retrieval time from minutes to under second per SQLAlchemy query.
  • Designed a user-validation system featuring a dynamic Flask web-server.
  • Utilized JavaScript to retrieve user-driven changes and merged Chart.js software to update a global choropleth map in my web app.
  • Supported daily scrum meetings detailing project progress and next steps.
  • Developed new modules using the AGILE process and pair programming using the divide and conquer method of breaking down a chunk of requirements into piecemeal stories and breaking each release into iteration. 
Tucan Hauling and C.S. &mdash Financial and Administrative Specialist | Jan - Sep

Microsoft Office | Microsoft XLSX| Freshbooks Accounting Software

  • Streamlined financial operations by leveraging Freshbooks and MS Excel.
  • Optimized the transition to cloud accounting platform Freshbooks.
  • Generated insightful financial data analyses enabling decisive management decisions.
RBC Wealth ManagementTechnical Support Specialist | Jan - Oct

FDR | CST | Salesforce | Visa Monitoring System | Microsoft Office | Microsoft Teams

  • Diagnosed and solved technical issues, including account setup and network configuration.
  • Corresponded with shareholders on in-depth fund information while referencing FDR system.
  • Analyzed CST and Visa Monitoring Systems to support customer Bill Pay transactions. 



Allianz LifeInternal Audit Internship | Jun - Aug

OneTrust Audit Management Software | SAP Software | Microsoft Office

  • Compiled audit data for use in detecting deficient controls, fraud, or non-compliance with laws, regulations, and management policies.
  • Examined financial data systems to implement controls and ensure system reliability and data integrity.
  • Audited company-wide policies and showcased a previously unperceived policy that proved critical to the success of a prospective audit.
EntegrisEnvironmental, Health, and Safety Internship | Jun - Aug

ACTIO | Microsoft Office

  • Spearheaded the development of a master chemical list utilizing XLSX, merging over new entries for two locations.
  • Transformed the chemical documentation process by revamping old XLSX files to ensure a more streamlined submission to ACTIO, a chemical management software.
  • Enhanced the stormwater inspection procedure and certified company adherence to EPA threshold levels.
Volunteer Work/Organizations Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action CommitteeAdvocate and Volunteer | Nov - Present
  • Facilitated campaigns to increase presence and awareness of human rights resources.
  • Supported volunteer-led movements advocating in favor of legalization for all, an end to immigrant raids and deportations, an end to unjust anti-immigrant laws, and full equality in all areas of life.
Planned ParenthoodEvent & Latinx Outreach Volunteer | May - Present
  • Assisted in coordinating Planned Parenthood's event attendance with four other team members.
  • Translated medical infographic documents to Spanish and volunteered to speak at Planned Parenthood outreach events where a Spanish translator was necessary.
Twin Cities Pet RescueFoster Parent & Event Volunteer | Nov - Present
  • Fostered over kittens while providing love, nourishment, and a safe space.
  • Attended and helped plan adoption events at various locations around the Twin Cities.
Saint Peter Community CenterWriting for Nonprofits | Feb - May
  • Maximized a new project that increased Somali and Latino community attendance by over %.
  • Designed infographics and newspaper pieces for placement in the local Saint Peter community paper.
  • Wrote a grant letter that was later accepted by the Mankato Clinic Foundation Grant for $.
International Cultures ClubCo-President | Sep - May
  • Implemented new ideas for intercultural events while maintaining a budget of $.
  • Coordinated the annual International Festival, which had over community members in attendance.