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Architect/landscape designer/urban designer Resume


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Curriculum vitae

Sepideh Moradi

Researcher in the Field of landscape Architecture and Urban Design, School of Art and design, University of Dundee, Dundee, United Kingdom


Date of Birth:                   July

Address:                           University's dormitory, Dundee, United kingdom            


Phone:                              +


 Research Interest:


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Public Open Space
  • Persian Garden
  • Gardening
  • Parks


MSc Spatial Planning with Sustainable Urban Design, School of Art and design, University of Dundee, Dundee, United Kingdom.








-          Master of landscape Architecture, Faculty of civil and architecture, Islamic   

                             Azad University, Ghazvin, Iran. Total GPA: .

                             Thesis title: “The redesign of the Shirin Park in Kermanshah with the purpose of  

                             promoting security.”

                             Supervisor: Dr.P. Aghil Emamgholi.


-         Bachelor of Architecture, Faculty of civil and architecture, Islamic Azad 

                            University, Ghazvin, Iran. Total GPA: .








Conferences paper


Moradi, S., Investigating the components of security in urban parks (Case study of Shirin Park in Kermanshah)

The th.International Conference on Researches in Science & Engineering & th.International Congress on Civil, Architecture and Urbanism in Asia at Kasem Bundit University. Thailand..

Moradi, S., Landscaping the relationship between man and nature in the early days of Christianity (Middle Ages and Renaissance). Accepted for nd.International Conference on Architecture, Civil Engineering, Urban Development, Environment and Horizons of Islamic Art in the Second Step Statement of the Revolution.Tabriz University of Arts, Tabriz, Iran. .



New Year's holiday        Holding a workshop to introduce traditional arts

-now                                “Amayesh E Sarzamin E Dirin” Consulting Engineer

                                                    working as a landscape architect.

-                                “Posta office” working with my classmate on student projects and

                                                    Architectural competitions.

-                                SAM COMPANY (Canada)

                                                   Working for the company as an architect who draw maps in D Max.



  • The best rendering of your project by using D Max software -) Win first place (
  • Render "My Dream House" by using D Max software - (Achieving second place)
  • Suggestion for Tehran (Child-friendly city)--Iran.
  • Designing the entrance of Tehran Campus Technology Park- Iran-.
  • Designing the entrance of Siraf refiner- Iran-.
  • Recommended plan to recreate Alvand city center –Iran-.
  • Start-up of SME with the approach to high tech industries in Qazvin-Iran- (Fifth place(

Lunched project:

  • Designing a -unit project plan in an area of , square meters located in the city of Kermanshah..
  • Design of Farhangian Towers located in Qazvin..
  • Design of residential interior decoration located in Qazvin..
  • Translation of the third and the seventh from bits to the lens book..
  • The proposed plan of Lafmjan village located in Lahijan city. .



-                    Teaching at Islamic Azad University ghazvin branch,

Course title: Computer Applications in Architecture, Architectural Depiction I., and Architectural practice I.



-                 Teaching at Islamic Azad University –Karaj branch,

Course title: Historical Buildings Measurement, Architecture Design Studio I,

Environmental Control of Build,

Building elements and details.    


-                    Teaching D-Max software, Islamic Azad university, Ghazvin, Iran.

Academic honors:

  • Building one of the world’s tallest pasta structures .
  • Entering the master's degree program as an outstanding student without an entrance exam.


  • Autocad
  • Photoshop
  • D Max-Vray
  • Lumion
  • Revit
  • Gis
  • Seven skills ICDL (International Computer Driving License)
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology}
  • Windows
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Access
  • Power point
  • Internet

Special SKILLS:

  • The art of the mirror (?ina-k?ri): Is a kind of interior decoration made by Iranian artists who

      assemble finely cut mirrors together in geometric, calligraphic or foliage forms..

  • The art of Mosaic.


English: TOELF ()

Persian: Native Language.



  • ICDL certificate. June. .
  • Certificate of basic level in the field of “mirror work” (?ina-k?ri). Ghazvin,Iran.

Apr. to June .

  • Certificate of advanced level in the field of “mirror work” (?ina-k?ri). Ghazvin,Iran. June. to Sep. .
  • Certificate of achievement in D challenge. Mar. .
  • Certificate of building one of the world’s tallest pasta structures. Ghazvin, Iran.

Agu. .


Personal interests:

 Teamwork- study - nature tourism - swimming – music



  • Aghil Emamgholi,

           Assistant professor in Architecture.  Islamic Azad University, Ghazvin, Iran.



  • Mariam.Armaghan

Assistant Professor in Architecture, Faculty of civil and architecture, Islamic Azad University, Ghazvin, Iran.