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Civil Engineering Intern Resume


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Purdue University, West Lafayette                                                                             May

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering                            GPA: ./.

·         Minor in Sustainable Engineering


Relevant coursework: Structural Mechanics, Geomatics Principals, Construction Graphics, Hydraulics, Thermal Sciences, Dynamics, Technical Communication in CE, Global Green Politics


Beam Analysis Laboratory – Intro to Structural Mechanics                 Spring                                          

·       Exerted analysis on beam related reactions including truss, axial tension, torsion, combined stress through experiments

·       Calculated forces and deflections on different construction materials such as wood, steel, and concrete


University Residences Conference Services – Purdue University, IN

Conference Assistant                                                   May - August

·       Managed conference attendants’ information through service system

·       Performed listening, processing, and responding to customer needs properly and timely approximately - cases per conference session

·       Overseen conference procedures and kept records up on date

·       Inspected safety facilities and ventilation system both regularly and in case of tornado


University Residences Student Life – Purdue University, IN                                                                              

UR Student Office Staff                                                 August - Present

·       Addressed student residential life issues related to room access, building layout, amenities management, and reservations of multipurpose rooms

·       Reorganized mailroom system and so decreased package loss and in campus reshipping due to mistakes by approximately %


Women in Engineering Program (WIEP) Outreach Team                                                                            

Leadership Team, Outreach Team, Volunteer                                                                             May - Present

·       Coordinated and helped setting up creational engineering events for youth from - years old

·       Participated and performed guidance of engineering principle and science introductory through the events

·       Generated project ideas and prepared craft materials under safety code


Mentees & Mentors Program (M&M)                                                                             

Mentor – Group Meeting & One-on-One                                                                             May - Present

·       Provided advisory assistance with academic career planning, campus resources in monthly group meetings and one-on-one guidance based on self-schedule

·       Attended monthly meetings, social events, and access alumni event


·       Dean’s List & Semester Honors

·       Native in Chinese (Mandarin), Conversational in Japanese

·       Familiarized AutoCAD, MATLAB

·       Experienced ArcGIS, Revit


·       Movie, Painting (Oil Pastel), Fashion, Puzzle, Cooking, Singing, Photography