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Solidity developer / Rust developer / Go developer / Python developer Resume


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What will need to be done:

Design, code and implement business applications.
Integrate blockchains with our platform.
Working with API and microservices.
Development and validation of cryptographic protocols deployed on the blockchain.
Determination of requirements, prototypes and development of new features for users of the product.
Efficiently interface technical details with
documentation and demos.

What is needed:

Solidity (from years old) or Rust (from years old) or Go (from years old) or Python (from years old)
Experience in developing modern, secure, scalable complex applications.
Hands-on experience with crypto tokenomics, blockchain consensus protocols, PP networks, cryptographic principles, key management, encryption algorithms.
Ability to use the Web technology stack
Familiarity with or ability to use Solidity, EVM, or
Strong soft skills
Fluency in English
Leadership and team work skills
Ability to provide open source samples
We offer:

Flexible work schedule
Timely payment
Interesting projects
Long-term cooperation
Real prospects for financial and career growth
The final salary depends on your skills and
determined by the results of the interview. It all depends on how you behave