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TS Cleared Analyst With Chem/Bio Background Resume


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SUMMARY: Ambitious and versatile young professional with experience in multiple laboratory environments and chem/bio-centric positions supporting the US Government, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).




·  Active TS/SCI clearance

  ·  Subject-specific research

·  Ability to upskill rapidly

·  Project coordination/management

  ·  Case study analysis

·  Ability to self QC check

·  File/database management

  ·  Hands-on animal research

·  Training and instruction

·  Good Documentation Practices/SOPs

·  Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)


  ·  Independent laboratory research

  ·  HAZMAT and evidence handling

·  Independent report writing

·  Client consultation, customer service, and rapport building




 Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) – Chantilly, VA / - Present

American defense company that provides scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services.

Media Analyst

  • Establishes conceptual direction for client strategic materials.
  • Maintains and organizes filing system and catalogues/archives projects appropriately.
  • Complies to client policy and regulation regarding sensitive information.
  • Participates in team coordination to complete projects and meet tight deadlines.
  • Possesses specialized skills in multimedia software, including Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Applications.
  • Regularly consults with clients and builds rapport to improve communication and project flow.


 Entegra Systems – Hanover, MD           / – /

American company that provides operational products, services and solutions to the defense and intelligence community.


  • Supported client mission with operational and fact-finding reporting.
  • Evaluated and oversaw chem/bio-centric operational activities to ensure compliance with USG policy.
  • Provided bio/chem-centric technical knowledge to client.
  • Received client training to enhance existing knowledge of toxicology, biology, and criminal psychology.
  • Advised on correct policy and procedure to internal and external liaison contacts.
  • Responsible for independent case study analysis.
  • Provided regular IC style written and oral presentations to client.
  • Responsible for generating data reports to problem-solve and resolve operational issues and discrepancies through data validation.
  • Responsible for project coordination and management to ensure client needs and timelines were met.
  • Trained and instructed new on-site employees.
  • Processed forms and authorizations to comply with regulations/policy and need-to-know status.
  • Received award from government client for “Superior Accomplishment and Valuable Service”.


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – Washington, D.C. - Norfolk, VA                                                                 / – /

- Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate (WMDD): Biological Countermeasures Unit – /-/

- Norfolk Field Office: joint terrorism task force: Weapons of mass destruction response – /-/

Workforce Trainee/Honors Intern

  • Responsible for assisting with administrative and operational unit activities.
  • Participated in team production and presentation of briefings for multiple FBI WMDD units.
  • Conducted research on chemical weapon creation and hazardous material handling.
  • Assisted in coordination and execution of multi-agency criminal-epidemiology conference.
  • Knowledge of interview techniques utilized by law enforcement and intelligence officers.
  • Assisted in operation of weapons of mass destruction emergency response location.
  • Catalogued and maintained emergency response team materials.
  • Responsible for drafting comprehensive reports for Case Agents based on independent case study.


Christopher Newport University Department Of Psychology– Newport News, VA                / – /

Academic animal research laboratory and testing facility specializing in psychology and neuroscience research.

Student Research Assistant

  • Obtained certifications in biosafety and animal research.
  • Responsible for the independent execution of laboratory work.
  • Performed GLP and General laboratory functions.
  • Developed Good Documentation Practices/SOPs.
  • Responsible for accurate file management and record keeping.
  • Responsible for animal behavioral monitoring and documentation to test spatial learning and memory.
  • Experience with epithelial cytology and tissue sampling.
  • Experience with collection and analysis of bodily fluids.
  • Experience with sterilization and surgical techniques.



Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) – Sterling, VA                                                       / – /

  - Special Testing and Research Laboratory                         

Student Intern

  • Responsible for assisting forensic chemists with collection and maintenance of chemical data, evidence analysis, and technical research.
  • Responsible for regular handling of hazardous materials.
  • Collected and analyzed raw data on both controlled and non-controlled substances.
  • Assisted with evidence processing and Evidence Control Room (ECR) procedures and paperwork.
  • Catalogued verified non-controlled substances to Infrared Spectroscopy reference library to resolve data discrepancies.
  • Assisted forensic chemists in packaging, storing, and exporting chemical substances to external national laboratories.
  • Operated Infrared Spectrometer and Gas-Chromatography Mass Spectrometer.
  • Isolated cannabinols from marijuana for research purposes.
  • Assisted forensic chemists with chemistry tasks, including methamphetamine precursor preparation, as well as other controlled and non-controlled substances.



Bachelor of Science, Cell/Molecular/Physiological Biology (GPA .)

Christopher Newport University (CNU) - May

Newport News, Virginia

  • Member of Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society
  • Member of Alpha Mu Gamma National Foreign Language Honor Society with distinction in Arabic
  • Member of Alpha Delta Pi National Panhellenic Sorority