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Operations/Office Manager Resume


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Skilled in Operations, Procedure Development, Leadership, Team Management, Communications, Finance Management, Project Management, Account Management.

  • Operations: Managed all company processes and procedures.
  • Procedure Development: Developed and implemented procedures fo an entirely new workflow system for all departments within a company.
  • Leadership: Spearheaded internal communication and managed teams.
  • HR: Oversaw and executed staffing needs. (hiring decisions,on-boarding, compensation, and benefits.)
  • Client Communication: Interacted directly with the clients to communicate services, account status, and problem resolutions.
  • Finance Management: Implemented new reporting for visibility into profit margins and managed all invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, collections, account reconciling, financial reporting, and annual filings.
  • Project Management: Supported staff internally through systems for project management.
  • Vendor Management: Managed vendor contracts and agreements for IT, facility repairs, and various client services.
  • Faciliy Management: Responsible for office space layout, furniture, and building repairs.

- Marketing
- Advertising
- Finance & Accounting
- HR/Staffing
- Shipping & Logistics
- Restaurant
- Non-Profit
- Legal



Marketing and Advertising Agency providing services from design to full media plans both traditional and digital.

Office/Operations Manager ( – )
Responsibilities included company oversight, profit & loss analysis, budgeting, staffing, vendor relations, contract negotiations, goal setting.

Leadership: Spearheaded internal communication and managed teams.

  • Oversaw and directly managed the administrative personnel, digital team, and creative production team.
  • Orchestrated monthly staff meetings for higher level communication which involved developing the content, coordinating leadership participation, and running the meeting.
  • Improved company department communication by developing a weekly meeting.

HR: Oversaw and executed staffing needs.

  • Made staffing personnel decisions for hiring.
  • Handled the recruiting process with other key people which involved job description writing, job posting on various sites, resume screening, phone and in-person interviews, hiring decisions, and job offers.
  • Managed the new hire process which included processing all necessary paperwork, enrolling in our payroll system, and coordinating training with other key people.
  • Managed employee benefits such as health insurance, PTO, Simple IRA, and other unique company benefits.
  • Processed weekly payroll using Intuit payroll.

Finance: Processed all invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivables, collections, account reconciling, financial reporting, and annual filings.

  • Revised chart of accounts for better profit analysis on products, services, and clients.
  • Monitored invoicing amounts for opportunities to increase based on value vs. time.
  • Created and implemented a budget for all spending and shared with key people throughout the company to manage and track expenses with a clear goal.
  • Played a key role in a successful acquisition, with positive results for employees and clients, and a satisfactory payout to the partners.

Operations: Managed all company processes and procedures.

  • Implemented and led the company from a paper workflow system to a virtual system for efficiency.
  • Implemented brand enhancements in online portals for various client services.
  • Made the determination and led a strategic move from a local IT environment to a virtual terminal allowing for easier access when working remotely and preparedness for potential natural disasters that would hinder working at the local office.
  • Improved profit margins by reducing hard costs and adding value to support price increases.
  • Worked closely with the Sales Team Leader to create and implement a system for setting and tracking sales goals.

Project Management: Supported staff internally through systems for project management.

  • Created various Excel spreadsheets for tracking production.
  • Implemented project templates for streamlined project management.
  • Negotiated vendor agreements and contracts for project related services.

Facilities: Managed office space (furniture, layout, and building repairs)

Executive Assistant / Director of Strategy ( – )
Continued to perform role as Executive Assistant to the President in addition to role as Director of Strategy.

  • Provided input on procedure changes and implementation.
  • Assisted with developing a whole new department.
  • Coordinated department integration by implementing job shadowing across the company.
  • Assisted with account management.
  • Participated in leadership meetings.

Executive Assistant ( –)
Responsible for supporting the President of the company.

  • Effectively developed processes to alleviate the President’s workload in all areas.
  • Managed projects from initial contact to completion.
  • Took over internal tasks that involved Excel spreadsheets for tracking production, paper documentation, and related jobs.
  • Assisted in client projects from production to invoicing.
  • Attended client meetings on-site and off-site.
  • Coordinated internal communication from the President to the company.
  • Maintained various internal databases and client records.


IT Recruiting & Staffing Firm

Administrative Assistant
Support president, recruiters, and sales team.

  • Processed payroll for staffing agency and contractors for our clients.
  • Processed new hire paperwork for new employees.
  • Handled invoicing, tracking payments, and collecting on past due invoices.
  • Assisted recruiters with resume sourcing and formatting.
  • Handled office tasks such as ordering and maintaining office supplies, maintain office files, processed mail, processed faxes, scanned documents, and other related requests.


Shipping and Logistics company

Administrative Assistant
Support sales associates, office managers, and other administrative staff.

  • Audited expense reports.
  • Assigned and reported sales leads.
  • Assisted with sales planning reports.
  • Created various reports for business development such as competitive analysis / GSR (Guaranteed Service Refunds) / Brown the Town (gainer, decliner, lost) reports / billing adjustments.
  • Managed cell phones for sales force.
  • Handled account reassignments.
  • Performed manual adjustments for sales lead awards and billing adjustments.
  • Managed Flight Guardian forms and drop box audits.
    (Responsibilities included filling in for anyone who was out in my department. This required quick learning skills and maintaining organization.)


Accounting Firm

Office Admin
Provided direct support to CEO and other accountants.

  • Maintained calendars, client appointments, and scheduled meetings.
  • Handled travel arrangements for out-of-town business engagements.
  • Coordinated speaking engagements and conferences for the CEO.
  • Managed and maintained CPEs for all accountants.
  • Processed payroll for the staff.
  • Handled bookkeeping for the firm. (A/R, A/P, register reconciliations, taxes, inventory)
  • Prepared basic tax forms to help with the client workload.
  • Maintained and updated libraries.
  • Maintained office supplies and inventory.
  • Managed office space with necessary maintenance and improvements such as a redesign of the break room.
  • Filled in for receptionist when necessary. (answered phones, received clients)
  • Managed various projects.
  • Supported the non-profit which was run out of the firm. (Cross Stewardship Ministries)
    o Filled the position of treasurer on the board.
    o Coordinated and planned speaking engagements.
    o Maintained inventory and resources specific to the non-profit.
    o Scheduled appointments for counseling.
    o Maintained client files.
    o Handled follow up calls to clients and counseling over the phone.
    o Processed all bookkeeping for non-profit transactions (A/R, A/P, register reconciliations, inventory, tax filings).

Significant Accomplishments:

  • Redesigned and restructured parts of the office, creating a more efficient working environment.
  • Assisted CEO with acquiring his CPA license through a lengthy application and approval process.
  • Took on bookkeeper role for the firm.
  • Doubled our non-profit clients and services.
  • Joined Cross Stewardship Ministries a non-profit organization and elected treasurer while serving on the board.