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Sr. Salesforce Developer/Admin Resume


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  • Around years of professional IT experience and solid involvement in Salesforce.com which includes Configuration, Customization, Deployment and Integration in Salesforce.com CRM stage? Also, involved in different phases of SDLC including analysis, design, development, implementation & enhancement of projects in SalesForce.com.
  • Excellent knowledge in Force.com Apex Classes, Apex triggers, Visual Force, Batch Apex, Salesforce Integration, REST, SOAP based Web Services, Force.com API, Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Expertise in administration, lightning Configuration, Salesforce CRM, SAAS (Software as service), and Apex language.
  • Experienced in Development, Administration, Configuration, Implementation, and Support of Salesforce CRM and Salesforce SFA Applications based on Apex Language and Leveraging Force.com Platform.
  • Expertise in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including analysis, requirement gathering, development, enhancements, testing, deployment and maintenance of standalone, Multi-tier, web-based and portals-based object-oriented enterprise applications. 
  • Experience in working with various salesforce.com standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Campaigns, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Strong implementation and rollout experience with salesforce.com CRM, Sales cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing cloud, Sites and Communities.
  • In depth knowledge on CRM business processes like Campaign Management, Lead Management, Account Management, Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Support Process, Forecasting, Order Management, Case Management in a multi-tier environment.
  • Strong Implementation and Integration experience using Custom objects, Custom fields, Formulae fields, Triggers, Apex classes, Visual Force Pages, Page Layouts, Workflow rules, Approval processes. Record Types, Standard Controllers, Custom Controllers, Extension Controllers, SOQL and SOSL.
  • Experienced In SFDC Configuration & Customization- Creating & Managing Users, Roles, Profiles, Permission sets, Communication Templates, Security Access, Single Sign-on (SSO) and Security Controls to ensure that protected data is available only to the authorized users.
  • Experience in the process of migration from Classic to Lightning environment and enhancing all the existing Visual force pages and make them compatible with Salesforce Lightning. 
  • Experienced in Salesforce Lightning for UI design and Lightning pages with lightning style sheets. 
  • Experienced on Lightning components by using Aura framework.
  • Experience in SFDC development using Apex classes and Triggers, Integration, Visual Force, Force.com API, SOQL, SOSL.
  • Accomplished a strong knowledge of synchronization, data extraction, transformation, data loading, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting in a cloud computing environment. 
  • Migrated large volumes of external data on to Salesforce.com using Apex Data Loader as part of data management functions. 
  • Good experiences in integrating salesforce.com with other internal/external applications using SOAP and REST based web services. 
  • Experienced in developing Web Services for handling inbound requests from external web services and outbound calls to external systems using Force.com Web Services API.
  • Hands on experience with various app exchange applications such as Jitter bit, Cloud, Data Loader, Conga Composer, and Spring CM. 
  • Having worked on salesforce.com Sandbox and Production environments which include creating and refreshing sandbox from time to time and deployment in between sandbox and production by using Force.com Migration Tool and Change set.
  • Good Knowledge on customizing applications using ECLIPSE IDE/VS Code with force.com plug-in andforce.com IDE.
  • Experience in all phases of SDLC like including requirements gathering, analysis, designing, coding, Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous integration (CI), documentation and extensive experience in Agile and Waterfall Methodologies.
  • Capable of rapidly learning new technologies and successfully applying them to projects and operations. Committed to excellence, self-motivator, quick-learner, team-player, and a prudent developer with strong problem-solving, analytical skills and communication skills.


Salesforce Technologies

Saleforce.com platform, Apex Language, Apex Trigger, Apex Class & Apex, Visual Force, SOSL, SOQL, Email Services, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Lightning, Formula, Validation rules, Controllers, Controller Extensions, Users, Packages, Data Loader, Import Wizards, Workflow Rules& Approvals Process, Process Builder, Communication Templates, web services SOAP,REST.

Custom Integration and Management tools

Outbound Messages, Workflow & Approvals, Field updates, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom Settings, Custom Labels and Tabs, Account Management, Sandbox Data Loading, MS Visio, HP ALM, QC, JIRA, GIT HUB.

Force.com Tools

Force.com Explorer, Eclipse IDE plug-in, Apex Data Loader, ETL Data Extraction, Workbench, Force.com Apex Explorer, Apttus, ANT Migration Tool, Force.com Excel Connector and Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug-in.

Scripting Languages

 HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, JSON, AJAX, XML, DHTML, PHP, XHTML, Angular JS, SASS, UI Concept Modeling/Wire framing, Node.JS.



  • Salesforce Certified Administrator ()
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer (PDI)




Client:  Fannie Mae, Reston, VA                                                                                            March -Present

Role: Sr. Salesforce Developer/Admin

Roles & Responsibilities:


  • Participate on project teams to design, configure, develop, test and release applications/components pursuant to business, architectural and/or service requirements. Design, configuration, development, test and release activity should be in alignment with industry and BU best practices, guidelines and standards.
  • Invests time learning/enhancing skills related to CRM/comby active participation in technology users’ groups and professional organizations and formal training or degree programs.
  • Development and Enhancements on the Admissions application of Boston University and Recruiting application.
  • Worked on BU Recruitment Manager Application and HEDA for the business of hiring process of students on campus and other parts of the recruitment on the BU under colleges.
  • I controlled Undergraduate admission users and controlled Profiles. I used to Take care of all the upgrades by sessions i.e., every quarterly, maintain the Third-Party apps.
  • Create New users accounts with concerned profiles as per the team and job roles, Manage Salesforce security including roles, profiles, sharing rules and rd party apps groups
  • Worked on Community Builder and Campaign Launcher for the admissions.
  • Created Architecture design documents and developed technical design document according to SOP
  • Extensively worked with end user/clients as per the changes request for the admin part of work in process of creating new users and updates on user profiles etc.
  • Worked on Marketing Cloud Implementation Design and roadmaps,
  • Worked on Own Backup, Data Loader, Data loader IO, and conga. Worked on Service Cloud and created Customer support apps, Created Marketing Cloud Business Unites, Created Marketing Cloud email marketing, Journey builder, Email automation and run email campaigns.
  • Worked on Lightning Web components (LWC), Converted buttons to LWC.
  • Design and Develop the Apex Classes, Standard & Custom Controllers, Visualforce pages, Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Developed Lightning Components from Scratch by using Aura framework. Also, involved in Data mapping from external system utilized lightning connect to get real -time data from external system.
  • Experience in aura framework, Lightning Components and Salesforce Lightning Design System &#;SLDS&#;.
  • Develop Lightning Components, CSS Styling and UI Design to enhance look and feel of the Lighting apps and Leveraged Server-side apex Controllers to retrieve data from various API's and display on the Lightning Components.
  • Render the Lightning Experience for the Classic users with Lighting Out in the Lightning apps.
  • Worked on customization of visual force to have lightning experience for desktop and mobile applications. 
  • Developed Lightning Component Framework and built Lightning component using aura framework. 
  • Enabled Aura Framework, by adding Aura Attributes and Aura Handlers for Events to focus on Logic and Interactions in Lightning Applications.
  • Used TDTM – trigger handler to develop the custom triggers, Worked on TDTM framework, Leveraging Triggers to maintain code
  • Worked as a release coordinator for two teams during every deployment. Developed and trailed Demos on Copado.
  • Designed Devops process and created Devops process for demo scratch orgs,Used VS Code, GitHub, and Gearset for CI/CD process for code deployments, Worked on SFDX Devops process
  • Set up the process of Devops using GitHub and Gear set and Presented to team and given guidance to team in process of implementing with the help of architects.
  • Worked as a release coordinator as a part of SFDX, Devops deployment.
  • Developed a large volume of deadline drive email campaigns, Reporting on emails and campaigns
  • Automated the import extract and query activity using Automation Studio in Marketing Cloud.
  • Contact Lifecycle records will automatically be associated to a Territory record via custom code, specifically, a scheduled batch that will run.
  • Extensively worked on Service Cloud on Email to case etc.
  • Syn Shadow dashboard and report for the production and non-production incident and service ticket monitoring dashboard using Einstein analytics.
  • Set-up new Einstein Analytics Studio, Create, edit, run & schedule Dataflows, Configure and import data into Datasets from different source systems (primarily from Salesforce.com), Configuring Recipes to clean, transform & combine data
  • Supported in executing the batches for admissions and transfer students to update the decisions.
  • Participate in Backlog grooming to refine stories on Service Now, estimate the stories using story points.
  • Participate in Sprint planning and identify detailed tasks that need to be carried out in the -week sprint.
  • Participate in daily SCRUM and provide updates on done, planned and impediments.


Environment: Salesforce.com, Force.com, Apex classes, LWC, Data, Service Cloud, GitHub, Controllers, Visual force Pages, GitHub, jQuery, XML and Triggers. AZURE, Apex triggers, SOQL, SOSL, Visualforce pages, Lightning apps, Lightning components, Sites, Lightning Design System, Aura Framework, Standard & Custom/Extension Controllers, Batch Jobs, Schedule Jobs, Web Services, REST, SOAP, Process Builder, Data Loader, Workflows, Import Wizards, ANT Migration Tool, Copado, Jenkins, Source Tree, GIT


Client: Equifax, Alpharetta, GA                                                                                              Sep – Feb

Role: Sr. Salesforce Developer



  • Strategically design, build, and support Salesforce Lightning processes to increase the efficiency of the organization
  • Developed Flow Diagram for the development of FSL App, Architecture and Designed CMC Field Technicians Mobile app.
  • Worked on case management using OOB components for service console and on email to case.
  • Created service appointments and Work Orders for the Technicians to do Audit survey and Intake Survey by CSR’s.
  • Worked as a architect and designed FSL app for the programs of PPL and PECO surveys.
  • As a Part Sys Admin Controlled User of FSL technicians license for about + users, for service cloud CSR's and CCR are also controlled by me. Create validation rules for the approval process.
  • Created a POC on FSL Mobile App End to End flow of technician and worked on rd on prty.
  • Created an FSL Standard Mobile app called PPL Data Collector for the Audit Survey (web and mobile- iPad compatible and Android) for the technician’s survey.
  • Architecture and created multiple lightning components and LWC to enhance the existing functionalities.
  • Used Survey Builder and Field Surveys for the CMC which moved to Salesforce from its legacy application.
  • Extensively used Data Loader, Data Loader IO.
  • Provide product research and recommendations for identified areas within Salesforce.
  • Review and understand the high-level workflows and systems within the client Salesforce org.
  • Assist with the creation and/or review of development estimates for the PECO Program and PPL Program.
  • Worked on service Cloud on Case Management. Build Reports based on products.
  • Implemented the Salesforce Knowledge Article Management by replacing their existing Oracle RightNow Public Knowledge Base for the CMC Energy
  • Used VS Code for code development and used Changeset as a part of code deployment
  • Worked on Service Cloud – Email to case and Knowledge components are set up.
  • Integrated a café/branch event approval process app in Salesforce with API to create and update events using GraphQL to display approved events on CSR’s Portal and Technician facing events website.
  • Worked on Einstein Analytics developed for delivering numerous dashboards for various areas of Marketing.
  • Created Dashboard using Einstein analytics for different application for monitoring on Outbound and inbound call status reports
  • Performed Salesforce administrative tasks on a regular basis like creating Page Layouts, Email Services, and Validation rules, Approvals, Workflows, Einstein Reports & Dashboards, Custom Formula Fields, Tasks and Events.
  • Created Coat estimates for the products from inventory to get automated service reported, worked on creating Standard SF service report, and custom report.
  • Created signature and fields in services reports and send email to the customer for acknowledgement.


Environment: Salesforce.com, Force.com, Apex, Data Loader, SOQL, SOSL, Communities, CRM, Import Wizard, Aura Framework, Informatica, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, GitHub, Controllers, Visual force Pages, GitHub, jQuery, XML and Triggers.


Client: Church mutual insurance, Merrill, WI                                                                      Dec - Sep                                      

Role: Salesforce Developer


  • Installed and applied App Exchange applications like Market to enhance business requirements
  • Developed a landing page using the Visual force. Worked as a legacy for creating new roles and profiles in the organization.
  • Integrated salesforce data with external systems by writing salesforce REST Web Services for Inbound classes and used Http Request methods to call external application REST API endpoint.
  • Implemented the requirements on Salesforce.com platform and Force.com IDE Plug-in using Eclipse.
  • Created new user accounts and configure Salesforce to fit security needs at the user and organization levels.
  • Deployed Salesforce components using Inbound and Outbound change sets for every sprint release.
  • Developed automated workflows and approval processes for sales opportunities and lead routing.
  • Designed, implemented and deployed the Custom objects, Page layouts, Custom tabs, Controller Classes,
  • Extensions, Components to suit the needs of the application using Eclipse.
  • Worked extensively on Visualforce pages, Visualforce Custom Controllers components for creating various user interfaces for different Users and Customers.
  • Created visual flows, workflow rules, Validation rules, configuration and defined related tasks, time-triggered tasks, email alerts and field updates to implement business logic.
  • Involved in Salesforce.com Application Setup activities and customized the apps to match the functional Needs.
  • Worked of ETL tools to export the data and also to solve the complex specific reputation issues.
  • Customized objects and fields using master detail relationship, look up relationship depending on the requirements.
  • Generated SOSL and SOQL statements to search the information.
  • Responsible for all the activities related to configuring Data Loader, uploading data in CSV files into salesforce.com, checking for the correctness of the data.
  • Involved in data mapping and migration of data from legacy systems to Salesforce.com objects and fields. Developed and configured various Reports and Report Folders for different user profiles based on the need in the organization. Partner portal configuration, UI changes.
  • Customized the Dashboards to track usage for productivity and performance of business centers and then sales teams.
  • Used the sandbox for testing and migrated the code to the deployment instance after testing.
  • Worked on ETL tools to migrate the information from another database. Built APIs with Salesforce.com Apex SOAP/REST Services.


Environment: Saleforce.com platform, Apex Language, Visual force (Pages, Component &Controllers), Salesforce.com Data Loader, Integration, HTML , CSS, Bootstrap, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP/REST, Sandbox and production environment.


Client: Genworth financials, Raleigh, NC                                                                         March - Nov

Role: Salesforce Developer     


  • Configure SSO from an Org to a Community, used endpoint URLs point to the community.
  • Used the community URL under SAML Metadata Discovery Endpoints on the Identity Provider page. Defined a connected app on the identity provider, specified this Login URL as the ACS URL.
  • Migrated entire data of Service Providers as Connected Apps with SAML ., Worked with the user group for requirement gathering throughout the planning and implementation and provided estimates to the client. 
  • Created users, roles, public groups and implemented role hierarchies, sharing rules and record level permissions to provide shared access among different users. 
  • Implemented new customer support solution using Salesforce.com Service Cloud. Maintained and improved existing Sales Force implementation.
  • Worked on customization of Service Cloud objects - Cases, Solutions and Knowledge objects.
  • Worked on Case Entitlements, Service Console, Email-to-Case, Escalation, Auto-response and Assignment rules.
  • Implemented Salesforce Development Cycle covering Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter & App-exchange applications. 
  • Made new feature enhancements on Service cloud console view and developed some Visual force components
  • Implemented Web-to-Lead for Leads generated from web and Web-to-Case, Email-to-Case for Cases sent to a centralized email.
  • Designed, developed and deployed Apex Classes, Visual Force Pages, Components, Controller Classes, extensions and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application. 
  • Developed and scheduled various Batch Apex classes using Apex Schedulable classes on hourly basis. 
  • Extensive experience in Salesforce.com setup, configuration, customization, Administration, Data Migration and Integration tools like Apex Data Loader.
  • Integrated the Web Services for extracting the data from external systems to display in the pages of salesforce.com. 
  • Extensively involved in APEX Unit Testing (UT) using Test Methods by using Force.Com utilities and was involved in the Integration Testing.
  • Participated in Daily Standup and demos with the client as part of Agile methodology. 


Environment: Salesforce.com Enterprise Edition, Pages, Data Loader, Reports, Custom Objects, Custom Tabs, Security Controls, Data Management, Profiles, Page Layout, Validation Rules.


Client: Radiant Solutions, Hyderabad, India                                                                        Jan – Dec

Role: Java Developer                                                                                                    


  • Gathered and analyzed the requirements and converted them into User Requirement Specifications and Functional Requirement Specifications.
  • Involved in Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Used Waterfall Methodology to develop the entire application.
  • Designed and implemented the User Interface using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and SQL Server.
  • Created Web services using Advanced JEE technologies to communicate with external systems.
  • Designed and developed database in MS SQL.
  • Worked in all the modules of the application, which involved front-end presentation logic developed using JavaScript.
  • Implemented login page using HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX and JSON.
  • Used Twitter Bootstrap, SASS and other front-end frameworks to develop User Interface with responsive design.
  • Worked on cross browser compatibility issues and fix the bugs pertaining to various browsers
  • Focused on Test Driven Development (TDD) thereby creating detailed JUnit tests for every single piece of functionality before actually writing the functionality.


Environment: JSP, Servlets, Struts, Hibernate, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, SOAP, JUnit, XML, SASS, DOM, SQL Server, WebLogic ..(Oracle App server), Apache Axis .x, Web Services, Eclipse.




  • Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad, India.
  • Master’s in computer science From Northwestern Polytechnic University, CA, USA.