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Ambitious Product Marketing Professional With Sustainability In Mind Resume


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I am a communications and product marketing professional with a decade of experience, along with a Masters in Food and Agricultural Law and Policy, and am looking to leverage my professional knowledge in a manner that is better aligned with supporting long-term sustainability of our food system. I greatly enjoy listening and implementing new ideas, developing innovative marketing and branding initiatives, building professional relationships, and have a fervent passion to work for a company that is committed to making the world a better place. I feel that I will provide valuable contribution to your company to help expand and enhance your product offerings with keeping both the organization and end-customer in mind.


Currently I work for a telecommunications company in product marketing management with increasing responsibilities, in parallel to pursuing my strong desire to be involved in sustainable agriculture. I achieve this by volunteering at a variety of organizations who are dedicated to improving the food system, mitigating waste, and educating the public on the importance of sustainability.


As a Marketing Specialist, one of the most enjoyable aspects is being a liaison for both internal and external stakeholders. I developed and currently manage an interactive community to listen to our customers, partners, and employees to enhance our product offerings and company operations. I also enjoy building robust relationships to synchronize product development, marketing, and sales to implement the ideas we receive.  In addition, I design marketing and training content to update various stakeholders and am viewed as the go-to person for innovative marketing or product suggestions.