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Anuradha Guha

(email hidden)|Phone Number (phone hidden)|Chicago, Illinois

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anuradha-guha-a/

GitHub: https://github.com/AnuinChicago

Multidisciplinary, driven Data Analyst with a passion for condensing large data into a simple to understand story.  Adept at working independently as well as collaborating with teams across multiple functions to breakdown concepts in layman terms. Excited to leverage experience and skills like time management, communication, team-work, innovation from the hardware design industry while embracing the cutting-edge world of Data Science.   

Technical Skills: 

Tools: Python, Pandas, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap,  Djs, Microsoft Excel, VBA, Plotly.js, R, Tableau, PySpark, Matplotlib, Leaflet, Flask, AWS, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint,  ETL, Zoom, Slack

Databases: SQLite, Relational Databases, MongoDB, PostgresSQL


COVID- Machine Learning: https://yaluzhou.github.io/Project/

  • A Machine Learning approach to predict the severity of COVID- from a full Blood Panel and  COVID- related deaths by food habits. In addition, Tableau was used to visualize these findings.
  • Role: Project Manager, Machine Learning for dataset and Tableau
  • Tools/Languages: Python, Machine Learning models, HTML, Tableau, Jupyter Notebook,

COVID- Dashboard for Chicago: https://github.com/AnuinChicago/COVID--Dashboard

  • A Dashboard to visualize Chicago COVID- data, plotting positive rate and death rate, mapping testing sites and positive concentration in Chicago. It also visualizes the race demographics in Chicago.
  • Role: Project Manager, Integration, ETL and creating Flask app.
  • Tools/Languages: Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Jupyter Notebook, Leaflet, Plotly, PostgresSQL, Flask

Analysis of COVID- spread in Midwest: https://github.com/AnuinChicago/Midwest-Covid-

  • Statistical analysis and plotting of COVID- and Census data in Midwest. Plotted the positive, negative, death cases and rates in the Midwest at the state and county levels. Census data was also pulled in to see the effect of poverty count and household income on COVID- spread.
  • Role: Project Manager, Integration and coding, analysis and plotting of data at state level.
  • Tools/Languages: Python and Matplotlib




Professional Experience:                                                   

Intel Corporation                             (phone hidden)

Pre-Silicon Validation Engineer, (-)   

Bangalore, India                                                         

  • Owned USB validation on Ultra Mobile Intel Products.
  • Managed interns in the team, resulting in successful hiring candidates. 


Pre-Silicon Validation Engineer  (-)       

Folsom, CA

  • Technical lead for a chip cluster, owned several chip feature validation and test plans of various Intel chipsets, resulting in minimal Intel RTL bugs. 
  • Worked as a Security Validation architect and created a security center of excellence team.
  • Mentored and advised  junior engineers. 


System Level Simulation Engineer  ((phone hidden))                                

Folsom, CA

  • Architecture validation for Intel chipsets. Responsible for interrupt mechanism test plans and validation, resulting in finding several RTL bugs. 


Platform Validation Engineer     ((phone hidden))                                    

Folsom, CA

  • Characterized and debugged several Intel processor customer issues. 
  • Responsible for test plans and execution. 
  • Quick resolution and debug of actual customer issues involved working with various companies like Dell, Asus, Hp etc, and coordinating fixes from Intel. 



Northwestern University School of Professional Studies Data Science Program, Chicago, Illinois

Certificate of completion

A -week intensive program focused on gaining technical programming skills in Excel, VBA, Python, R, JavaScript, SQL Databases, Tableau, Big Data, and Machine Learning.


California State University, Sacramento, CA

Master of Science, Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Goa College of Engineering, Goa,India

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering