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Recently graduate aerospace Engineer Resume


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Graduate of master’s degree program seeking an internship or entry-level aerospace or mechanical engineer position starting January . The program has provided understanding in aerodynamics and physics, structural dynamics, systems design and testing, flight mechanics and controls and D CAD design tools. Not opposed to new subjects & welcome any challenge.



a. Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering (GPA: ./.)

December Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi

Program Highlights:

? Advanced Performance                   ? Theory of cont media                          ? Composite Materials
? Advanced Dynamics                       ? Finite element method                        ? Incompressible Viscous Laminar Flow 
? Unmanned Aircraft Systems            ? Failure of Engineering Material
? Computational Fluid Dynamics        ? Flight Test Engineering

b. Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

December International University of Rabat, Rabat, Morocco


c. Selected Projects:

- Designing a robot car: In a group of Embedded Systems project, the robot car had to go around a room and detect CO. It was controlled by Bluetooth and had all the Arduino components of a robot car.
- CAD Modeling of P- Mustang Aircraft: Using CATIA V, we represented the exact structure of the fighter.
- Failure Analysis of a drive manual socket driver: Scanning electron microscope to analyze the fracture surface, determine the load responsible of the fracture, FEA.


a. ATLAN SPACE, Temara, Morocco

July - December

Design and conception project Lead (Topic: Tuning of aerial system for catapult takeoff)

Application for patent of invention in morocco

  • Initiation: understanding the problem and the improvement the company wants to reach. Analyze the existing catapult, note the speed of UAV at the end of the catapult, mechanic of materials analysis.

  • Planning: set deliverables, schedule, brainstorming, mechanism analysis of different types of catapult, comparison to choose which one will fit perfectly the problem we want to solve

  • Execution: setting up a system that allows a gradual acceleration to UAV and ensures a higher speed at the end of the catapult. Learn basics about ArduPilot Mission planner

  • CAD design of the new model of catapult using Catia V, Vibration Analysis of the design using ANSYS

  • b. CAMAIRCO, Douala, Cameroon August - September

    Intern trainee in continuous airworthiness management department

  • Line maintenance on Boeing -

  • Setting up a battery review workshop

  • Assemble the file of daily, preflight, postflight, H, weekly checks with appropriate task cards.



    c. AIR FRANCE KLM, Douala, Cameroon August – September

  • Flight arrival and departure management, Escort unaccompanied minor to the plane

  • Allocation of seats for people travelling in groups, Facilitate the check-in process


    Python Programming Essentials Intro to Digital Manufacturing Aerial Robotics
    Rice University (//) with Autodesk Fusion University of Pennsylvania (Dec. )

    Autodesk (Dec. )


    Computer Skills: C, Python, MATLAB, Arduino, CATIA V, Abaqus, Ansys | Technical Skills: FEA, Structural Design & Analysis, Stress Analysis, Aerodynamics, Numerical Analysis, Quality Management