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Environmental Studies Resume


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University of California Santa Cruz
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies      [June ]
Coursework in agriculture, climate change, freshwater, energy, and policy  
Work Experience
MUJI – Palo Alto, CA    [Sep – Present]
• Used organization skills to help maintain the stock room by labeling inventory products and organizing them so
that products can be easily located when needed. Maintained presentable merchandise displays on the sales floor
by folding clothes and reorganizing products. Assisted customers in locating items and responding to inquiries.  
Volunteer Experience
Second Harvest Food Bank – Santa Clara, CA    [Nov – Dec ]
• Used organization skills and communication to help collect donations, nonperishable goods, and canned foods
every November along with Menlo-Atherton High School to give to families in need during the holiday season.
Acterra – Palo Alto, CA   [Oct – Jan ]
• Helped maintain environmental stewardship in the local community by removing invasive plant species and
restoring native plant species.
Math Tutor  [Feb – June ]
• Tutored a student in Intro to Algebra.
• Academic writing
• Time management
• Research
• Team leadership
• Organizational skills
• Microsoft Word, Excel,
Case Study Projects
San Joaquin Delta & Climate Change Case Study   [Oct – Dec ]
• Worked with a group of classmates to evaluate online information sources and peer-review articles for a case study
on how climate change will impact the San Joaquin Delta. Examined how climate change will affect water conflicts,
agriculture/food security, and ecology and species through a research paper and presentation.
Strawberry & Climate Change Case Study  [Jan – Mar ]
• Worked with a classmate to evaluate online information sources and peer-review articles for a case study on climate
change impacts and strawberry crops. Through a research paper and presentation, examined how climate change will
affect strawberries directly, economically, and the potential methods for adaptation and mitigation.

Vehicle Pollution Impacts on Freshwater Systems  [April – June ]
• Evaluated online information sources and peer-review articles, and wrote a research paper and presentation
analyzing the environmental impacts of vehicle emitted pollution, SO  x  and NO  x  pollutants on freshwater systems and
their species.