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Research Associate Resume


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Spruce Tree Dr. Diamond Bar CA Tel. No. (phone hidden), email:(email hidden)

University of California, Riverside July - Present
Ph.D. Candidate: Environmental Toxicology
Honors: GPA ., Deans Fellowship, Best First Year Student presentation at the annual symposium, UC Toxic Substances Research and Teaching Program Student Fellowship, -.
Current Project: “Identification of Novel Mosquitocidal Toxins from Clostridium bifermentans serovar malaysia”

Hamdard University, Delhi, India June
MS: Toxicology
Honors: Ranked # in the Program, Gold Medalist

University of Delhi, Delhi, India May
BS: Botany
Honors: First Class, Placed among the Top % in the class

· Lab Technologies/Techniques: PCR, Gel Electrophoresis (DNA and Protein), UV/Visible Spectrophotometry, Animal Handling Exposure, Toxicity Studies and Evaluation, Histology, Hematology, Microbiology Testing, Environmental Testing, Chromatography, Microtomy, Biochemical Assays, Plasmid/Cosmid/Genomic DNA extraction, RNA extraction, DNA sequencing, Cloning, SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting, Basic Protein purification, Vector construction, Mutagenesis, Protein expression, Shotgun and Cosmid library construction and screening using mosquito bioassay and basic laboratory techniques
· Productivity Applications: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Internet Research, EndNote, Origin, Linux/Unix
· Bioinformatics: BLAST, DNASTAR, BLASTALL, Phred Phrap Consed, MUMmer, NUCmer and PROmer.

· National Center for Biotechnology Information – Mini course on “Making Sense of DNA and Protein Sequences”
& “BLAST Quick Start\"
· University of Riverside – EMBOSS, GCG, Phred Phrap Consed & Linux Workshops
· Created and Presented poster on “Bacterial Toxins- Mode of Action” at Gordon Conference in
· Industrial Toxicology training with focus on microbiology, instrumentation, and environmental testing at Sri Ram Institute of Industrial Research, New Delhi
· Presented a talk on “Pulmonary Toxicity of Pesticides” at the Graduate Toxicology Seminar, Hamdard University
· Organized & Participated in National Symposium on Toxicology and Environmental Health at Hamdard University
· Ranked among the top .% in All India in Sciences in th Standard, Mathematics Olympiad Certificate

University of California, Riverside July - Present
Ph.D. Candidate/Graduate Student Researcher/Teaching Assistant
Current Research Project: “Identification of Novel Mosquitocidal Toxins from Clostridium bifermentans serovar malaysia”
· Completed years of coursework with GPA .
· Constructed Shotgun, Plasmid and Cosmid libraries and screened them by toxicity bioassays using mosquitoes
· Performed Analysis and assembly of genomic data using various bioinformatics tools : Phred Phrap Consed & BLAST
· Conduct DNA, RNA and Protein isolation,sequencing and expression in bacterial system
· Performed Vector construction, genetic cloning, and genetic engineering of bacterial genes
· Isolated proteins using ion exchange chromatography; analyzed protein expression using SDS-PAGE & Western blots
· Performed mutagenesis and site directed mutagenesis of bacterial genes and cosmid sequences
· Taught upper division course on “Bacterial Pathogenesis” in & at University of California Riverside


University of Delhi, India Jan. - Sept.
Sr. Technical Assistant
Worked with Dr. G. Mathur, Research Project: “Reproductive Biology of Eggplant – Solanum melongena L”
· Conducted several comparative studies and investigative reports employing
Spectral Statistical Analysis on Floral Features
· Collected data and performed Statistical Analysis on Quantitative and Biochemical Studies
· Contributed in the preparation and Editing of Research Papers

Ranbaxy Laboratories, Delhi, India June - Dec.
Scientific Analyst, Department of Toxicology
Studied Drug Toxicity
· Studied various drug toxicity interactions in Mice, Rats, and Rabbits.
· Evaluated drugs by various routes of administration
· Performed Bio-Chemical tests on vital organ; Liver, Kidney, and Skin of Mice and Rabbits
· Conducted Hematological analysis and Spectrophotometery of metals in blood

Tutor, Delhi, India July - Sept.
High School Tutor
· Taught Math and Science to Junior High and High School candidates
· Conducted sessions on Environmental Sciences and Awareness

· Organized Annual Botany Festival at University of Delhi, India
· Activities at University of Delhi: Class President, Organized academic trips to Himalayas to study plants
· USA Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder) with the right to work in US for any employer