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sr. electronic test technician Resume


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Offer professional experience which have provided knowledge of the following: Avionics • Robotics Software • Motion Control-Servo’s and Steppers • PLC • Vision • Training • Electronic Problem Solving • Electro-Mechanical Devices and Mechatronics • Electro-Hydraulic Devices • Synchronous Devices • Electro-Static Devices • Open and Closed Servo-loops • Computer Operations and Repair • Time Management • Quality Assurance and Control • Safety • Counseling/Motivation • Organization • Teamwork.


Jan – Feb Intraop Medical, Sunnyvale, Ca.
Sr. Electronic Test Technician. - Test and Debug Linear Accelerator systems. Repaired Analog and Digital Electronics, RF, and Vacuum Systems to component level.
Improved Pretest and Final Test procedures for new Modulator Controller.

April – Jan Genmark Automation, Milpitas CA
Test and Calibration Robotic Engineering Technician. (Contract)
Test and Calibrate Wafer handling Robotic systems and Load Ports.

June - Hitachi Corporation, San Jose, CA- IBM CORPORATION, San Jose, CA
Robotic Software Engineering and Maintenance Technician – Automation
Worked with Japanese integrator and multiple departments with the bring-up of a CE certified, robotics Disk Polishing cell. Trained Irish, German, and Chinese Engineers to sustain the cell in our overseas factories.
Designed and rewrote the Adept robot software to improve cycle time and for in-house manageability.
Added diagnostics, data logging and maintenance software teach routine.
Installed, debugged, and maintained disk polishing robotics cells, disk test robotics cells, disk sputter robotics cells, disk scan software, disk vision, and conveyors.
Wrote a Name writing robot software program for IBM Open House day.
Implemented numerous Equipment improvements for MTBF and Process Improvement, which improved yields by %.
Automated a Tape Adhesion Measurement Tester, which improved it by %. Patent #(phone hidden) www.uspto.gov

Technical Associate Robotic Engineer. /-/
Replaced a axis Panasonic controller with an axis Delta Tau controller and added a second Z axis. Configured the robot to a axis system for pick and place and screwdriving. Programmed the system and man machine user interface.
Team Member on automated Gram Loading. Programmed and designed the controls.
Patent #(phone hidden) www.uspto.gov
Team member on Auto Head loading. Programmed, designed and built the controls.
Worked with Accufab in Livermore to replicate Disk and Spacer loading robots.
Worked with a Malaysian equipment integrator in Penang to replicate automated cells in Malaysia for clean rooms. Conducted training for Malaysian engineers to support them.
Transferred a Disk and Spacer loading robot to our factory in Boston and Japan. Trained an engineer and technician there to support the cell.
Modify software on robots for new products on all hard disk drive assembly processes.

Engineering Technician /-/
ROBOTICS APPLICATIONS - Hardware and software development. Write application software for robots (Intelledex, Panasonic, Adept, Accufab, Compumotor and Delta Tau) for a variety of hard disk drive assembly processes. Specified, purchased, and assembled electronic and mechanical sub-assemblies to the robotics controls (e.g. electronic sensors, pneumatics, I/O cards, A/D cards, motors, enclosures and other electro-mechanical devices). Specified and assembled a lab conveyor system and programmed the PLC.

Worked with a team of Automation Engineers and Technicians (Electrical, Mechanical and Software) to design, develop and build in-house robots and conveyor systems. Built and setup systems for hard disk drive assembly lines. Trained and assisted new technicians.

Equipment Maintenance Technician /- /
Sustain work calls on automated manufacturing equipment (e.g. Panasonic, Intelledex, Delta Tau, Adept, Accufab, and Technistar robots, Allen Bradley PLC- and Gould PLC controllers, Bosch and Phase II Conveyor Systems, Climet Particle Counters, Corpane Degreaser Machines, Laminar Flow Systems, Deionizer Air and Water Systems, Electric Ovens, High Voltage Magnetizers and Balance Machines.

Train peers in automation equipment maintenance and robotics development.

USAF Aircraft Electronics Technician /-/
Lockheed C-A/B, C- and General Dynamics F’s.
Member of Aircraft Impoundment Team for repeat difficult problems.

Performed operational checks, troubleshooted, benchchecked, repaired, calibrated and modified analog and digital Automated Flight Controls, Instruments and All Weather Landing Systems. Troubleshot various interface systems; MADAR, INS, CADC, FSAS, Flight Director, Navigational Transmitters and Receivers, Master Caution, and Electro-Hydraulic systems. Used line analyzers, simulators, program comparators, field test sets, break out boxes, voltmeters and various other flightline test equipment. Bench checked and repaired system components such as computer amplifiers, gain changer circuits, electronic housing assemblies, logic converters between analog and digital circuits, accelerometers, servos and remote compass transmitters to the board and component level. Tested and repaired indicators, transmitters, transducers and bellows. Utilized blueprints, schematics and diagrams to solve maintenance problems.

Supervised and trained personnel ensuring effective record keeping of completed maintenance training requirements.

Ensured safety and security requirements are properly followed. Conducted in-progress and completed work inspections to ensure quality control standards are met.

Electronic Certificate, Electronic/Mechanical Systems, Automatic Flight Control Systems, Instrument Systems, and Navigational Aids System. credits. Graduated in top % of all training.

Robotics computer language, Microsoft Basic, Robotics Basic, Vision Basic, Robotics Maintenance, DOS, Pascal, Adept Vision, Adept V+, Delta Tau Basic, Omron PLC and Allen Bradley PLC , Mitsubishi PLC, ‘C’ language, Vacuum Technology, Safety, CPR, Adept Aim-Motionware, Visionware, Customization, Auto-Cad, Orcad, Windows, Excel, MS Word. credits. Lockheed Space System Electronic Test Certified.
AWARDS Honorably Discharged, May ; Air Force Achievement Medal, Outstanding Unit Medal. DOD Letter of Appreciation. Automated Gram Loading Patent #(phone hidden), #(phone hidden) www.uspto.gov. Recognition from VP of Manufacturing. Two IBM Team Awards. Speak some Japanese.