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Diversity Recruiting Success

How does a young African American man, born in New York to Haitian immigrants, become the ultimate diversity recruiting success story? Chrysler Group LLC was able to create a company wide culture that attracted, cultivated and catapulted Ralph Gilles to President and CEO of the SRT Brand and SVP of Design. Some even credit Gilles with saving Chrysler Group when he designed the now ubiquitous Chrysler 300.

Gilles told a group of young students “color never got in the way of progress at Chrysler, it was always about what can you do and what are you capable of”. Gilles went on to say that “true business is color blind”.

Why Chrysler? Gilles once told a reporter “I was drawn to Chrysler because of their scrappy underdog nature. Chrysler is always reinventing itself, creating opportunity by drawing on a huge tool chest of company heritage.” Chrysler’s ongoing commitment to diversity and culture has enabled them to recruit diverse candidates and in turn helped them extend their brand to customers who never would have considered buying a Chrysler product.

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