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How to Negotiate Salary in a Job Interview

  • Important facts you must know when you get the offer…Your start date, official job title and associated responsibilities, your salary, overtime and total compensation, Bonus structure, Vacation policy, Life, medical and dental insurance coverage, Pension plan, Travel requirements.

  • Do not quit your current job until you have officially signed on with your new employer.

  • When negotiating use your past three years W-2 to prove that you deserve a specific compensation package.

  • Call employment agencies or look in the want ads to find out the salaries that are being offered for positions similar to yours.

  • Speak to a fellow or future coworker and get an understanding of the work environment.

  • Most companies will offer you a package that is similar to or near what you made the prior year.

  • Ask your friends in a similar industry if your offer is competitive.

  • Most employers are not going to guarantee you more money then you made the prior year so keep your expectations realistic.

  • Try to speak with multiple employees.

  • Wait for the employer to offer you the total package