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Family Preservation Therapist - Josiah White's - Wabash, IN - EXPIRED

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Job Information:

Company: Josiah White's

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Job Title:                           Therapist


Department:                     Family Preservation


Employment Status:        Full-time/Regular/Exempt


Qualifications:                                Incumbent must be a Christian with strong Christian values and a commitment to living a lifestyle that is aligned with White’s Code of Conduct and Statement of Faith.  A Master’s Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, Human/Social Services, Human Development and Life Studies, or a degree which meets the standards for licensure by the Indiana Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board is required. The incumbent must also have a valid driver’s license with no restrictions that would limit the ability to perform job functions and the active pursuit or previous attainment of a license, such as an LMHC, LCSW, or LMFT, is required. Individuals who are in the licensing process or license-eligible are also acceptable. 


Reports to:                        Program Director-Family Preservation


Job Summary:                                 The Family Preservation Therapist is responsible for applying appropriate counseling skills, principles, and therapeutic modalities in the professional treatment effort as it applies         to each family / child on the assigned caseload. This position will be an integral part of the treatment team's efforts toward ensuring the preservation of the referred family unit. The Family Preservation Therapist demonstrates the ability to exercise independent judgment and function as a team member. The Family Preservation Therapist must be equipped to identify the needs of the children and families in their care, and to address those needs through evidence-based practices. This position requires an over-arching understanding of the entire continuum of services available for families, children, and the referring agencies. This Individual must demonstrate sensitivity to our service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics and needs.



Basic Responsibilities


Family Preservation Therapy Services with Families


  • Formally assess families through standardized instruments and clinical interview
  • Assess family dynamics and needs to facilitate case plan goal achievement
  • Develop treatment plans with the client/family within established time frames
  • Provide individual/family/couples sessions, as needed, to address identified clinical needs using appropriate and evidence based therapeutic interventions.
  • Pursue case goals utilizing various resources in conjunction with other service providers
  • Assist in the management of client crises as indicates
  • Aid in the completion of regular family safety assessments and plans
  • Identify and engage informal supports to assist after White’s services are no longer active
  • Maintain appropriate and thorough documentation in a timely manner consistent with accreditation and Department of Child Services treatment standards: Individual Treatment Plan, Monthly Progress Report, Closing Summary, case notes, outcome measures, etc.
  • Must possess the basic belief that children are meant to grow up within their family of origin whenever possible, and that such warrants significant, supportive efforts when necessary.


Case Management


  • Attend and represent Josiah White’s at review hearings as well as child and family team meetings; make objective recommendations to the court and the team as requested
  • Regularly evaluate child/family progress and periodically meet with treatment team to review cases
  • Advocate for child and family’s needs and best interests by assisting in the identification of service gaps and community resources to meet identified needs
  • Keep placing agency workers informed about family and child’s progress, major crises, etc.
  • Support the interventions of Case Management level team members when necessary



Agency Support and Enhancement


  • Attend case reviews with referral agencies as requested
  • Maintain a working relationship with referral agency workers
  • Be a positive liaison between Josiah White’s and placing agencies and the public in general
  • Be a White’s representative on local committees and project committees as requested


Professional Development


  • Participate in Clinical Supervision regularly
  • Complete assigned opportunities for individual professional development, including internal, external, and self-directed learning opportunities
  • Participate in periodic field observation by the Regional Manager or Designee
  • Analyze and assess performance feedback through the Coaching Review process




  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Regional Manager or Designee


Skills, Supervision, Knowledge, and Ability


  • The Family Preservation Therapist must be an individual with a Christian and professional commitment to work with children and youth of all ages, their families, the referring agency, community professionals, and the Josiah White's Family Services’ treatment team
  • Must demonstrate initiative and the ability to complete work assignments with minimal direct supervision
  • Must be dependable and organized to complete assigned tasks and mentor newer staff
  • Must have the ability to clearly, concisely, and professionally communicate ideas through effective verbal and writing skills
  • Must understand and demonstrate knowledge of counseling/helping skills
  • Must maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality
  • Must personably, genuinely, empathetically, and emotionally communicate and interact with clients, team members, and other professionals
  • Must be a team player – this person needs to enjoy working closely with other staff members and be flexible, adaptive, and positive in his/her actions
  • Must be a positive role model for the families assigned
  • Must maintain appropriate hygiene and attire
  • Must be committed to the Mission, Core Values, and Vision of Josiah White's Residential and Family Services



Physical Demands of Position


  • Must be able to drive moderate distances for service provision, court hearings, etc
  • Must be able to handle the challenge of prioritizing multiple roles and responsibilities, attend to crises, and other unplanned events with minimal to moderate direct supervision, and meet regular deadlines for required documentation


Working Conditions

  • Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (part-time employees will work as needed)
  • Travel, therapy sessions, and other tasks will regularly extend beyond these office hours.
  • The Family Preservation Therapist will be expected to respond to child and family crises as part of a team. A contact number will be given to staff and to their clients to use as needed. The Family Preservation Therapist is required to support on call requirements for their caseload when not taking PTO.