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Regional Manager - Josiah White's - Wabash, IN - EXPIRED

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Job Information:

Company: Josiah White's

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Job Title:                                          Regional Manager


Department:                                    Family Services


Employment Status:                       Full-time/Regular/Exempt


Qualifications:  A Christian with strong convictions who is also in agreement with White’s mission statement, Statement of Faith, and Code of Conduct. A Master’s Degree in Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, Psychology, or other related field from an accredited college or university is required; a Master’s in Social Work with licensure (LCSW) is preferred. Minimum of three years paid experience in the field of child welfare services with at least one year of experience in a supervisory capacity. A valid driver’s license with no restrictions that would limit the ability to perform job functions.


Reports to:                                       VP and Executive Director of Family Services


Job Summary:   This is a full-time position as a part of a large complex social service agency.  The position requires a person with the capacity to know and understand the integral aspects of a large agency serving families and children. This position is responsible for overseeing the operations of the regional offices; expanding present and developing new programs to meet the needs in undeveloped regions of the state as approved by the Board of Directors; spanning the areas of Marketing, Public Relations, collaborative program development, and collaborative recruitment of foster parents, staff, and clients; and enhancing the efforts of the Program Directors, White’s Leadership team, and the Board of Directors. This position must support and manage a variety of programs and initiatives. This position must demonstrate sensitivity to our service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics and needs.


Basic Responsibilities


Case Oversight and Supervision of Staff


  • Provide supervision and oversight of Staff, which may include the following:
    • Deliver supervision that provides treatment direction and professional development guidance to staff supported in the assigned local office;
    • Review records and correspondence pertaining to client treatment and service billing; ensure documents are completed in a timely, accurate, and professional manner in accordance with agency policies;
    • Coordinate and facilitate treatment team meetings in accordance with agency policies;
    • Accompany staff to court, home visits, team meetings, and other work-related events to provide direct observation of work, provide feedback accordingly;
    • Maintain a general knowledge of all cases;
    • Function as a resource/backup for case management, coverage and crisis management in the event of staff absence or turnover.
  • Provide accurate, definitive direction to staff regarding established policies and procedures; troubleshoot new issues as they arise and inform program directors of needs.
  • Collaborate with the Program Director and Clinical Supervisors in the development of therapeutically sound treatment programs and clinical resources;




  • Participate with the VP and Executive Director of Family Services (EDFS) in developing a vision and strategic plan to guide regional business development;
  • Identify, assess, and inform the EDFS of internal and external issues that affect the strategic focus and well-being of the agency’s programs and services;
  • Create and maintain a highly functioning team that meets identified goals.
  • Provide direction and accountability in regards to work standards across multiple service lines.


Operational Planning and Management


  • Develop and implement an operational plan which incorporates goals and objectives congruent with the strategic direction of the regional office;
  • Monitor key budgetary and programmatic performance indicators for all services provided by the regional office staff and report concerns to the EDFS or Program Director as appropriate; implement corrective actions as need;
  • Provide oversight of risk management issues and management of critical incidents;
  • Monitor office property and vehicle conditions; coordinate with Support Services for needed maintenance;
  • Ensure standards of quality and compliance according to agency policies and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of implementation for programs and clinical resources;
  • Create an encouraging environment for foster parent development; assist the RFD in addressing concerns with foster parents. Provide consultative assistance to all direct reports.


Business Development 


  • Leverage all available resources (staff, clinical knowledge, environmental scans, etc.) to drive business development and promote enrollment;
  • Assess and contribute feedback toward the development of agency marketing/public relations materials in collaboration with the Advancement, Program Director, and EDFS;
  • Assess and promote services to counties in the region in accordance with regional strategic plans;
  • Attend regional provider/partner meetings, assess agency response and communicate findings to the EDFS;
  • Construct a working relationship with local DCS office staff through regular and consistent communication regarding services provided;
  • Aid the Advancement in assessing potential funding and other support opportunities in the region;
  • Promote programs to stakeholders; assist with foster parent recruitment;
  • Network within the region (including churches, workgroups, civic groups, etc.) to advance the agency’s mission.


Human Resource Management


  • Provide direct supervision to regional staff related to the implementation of related human resources policies, procedures, and practices;
  • Determine staffing requirements for program management based on identified goals and budgetary constraints;
  • Recruit, interview, and select staff that have the technical skills, personal abilities, and values match to help further the organization’s mission;
  • Direct the onboarding plan for supervisees; Identify ongoing training needs and resources for Program Staff in collaboration with the EDFS and program directors;
  • Implement a performance management process that includes providing direct and constructive feedback regularly in order to ensure targets are met and obstacles overcome.


Agency Support and Enhancement


  • Develop and implement regional communication strategies for agency stakeholders (staff, foster parents, DCS, community members, etc.);
  • Act as a spokesperson for the agency to further strategic objectives;
  • Communicate agency policies/decisions to staff in a supportive manner.


Professional Development


  • Attend workshops and other opportunities for professional growth;
  • Analyze and assess performance feedback given through supervision and the Coaching review process; respond accordingly.




  • Perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor.


Skill, Supervision, Knowledge, and Ability


  • The Regional Manager must be an individual with a Christian and professional commitment to work with staff, foster parents, foster children, and all agency stakeholders.
  • Must possess strong leadership qualities, and be a positive role model.
  • Must demonstrate excellent public relation skills and represent White’s in a professional manner: Must work to build strong relationships with outside agencies, both public and private, to develop a strong support base. 
  • Must be a person who takes initiative and works with minimal supervision.
  • Must have working knowledge of budgets.
  • Must have advanced experience in using technology, including a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, and database utilization.
  • Must have the ability to effectively communicate the mission, vision, and concerns of White’s ministry in both oral and written communications.
  • Must demonstrate well-developed interpersonal skills and have the ability to get along well with diverse personalities.
  • Must demonstrate high energy level and be comfortable performing multifaceted projects in conjunction with normal activities.
  • Must be dependable, well organized, and an effective time manager.
  • Must have an understanding of clinical issues, treatment programming concepts, and counseling.
  • Must be able to maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality.
  • Must be personable, genuine, empathetic, and able to connect emotionally in their work with staff, children, parents, and other professionals.
  • Must be a team player. This person needs to enjoy working closely with other staff members and have the ability to be flexible, adaptive, and positive in his/her actions. 
  • Must maintain appropriate hygiene and attire per dress code.
  • Must be committed to the Mission, Core Values, and Vision of White’s Residential and Family Services.


Physical Demands of Position


  • Must be able to drive long distances to do work at regional offices, attend meetings, train staff, etc.
  • Must be able to handle the stress of multiple roles and responsibilities, difficult personnel issues, attending to crises, and other unplanned events.


Working Conditions


  • General office hours are: 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.
  • Work in regional offices, attending meetings, conducting staff/community trainings, and other duties that often extend beyond these office hours;
  • While there are no stated-on call time assignments, the Regional Manager is expected to provide timely guidance and be a resource to those they supervise. His/her cell phone number will be given to staff to use outside regular office hours.  In addition, the Regional Manager must carry a cell phone with a voice mail option when not on vacation.