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VP Retail Independent Review II - HSBC - New York, New York - EXPIRED

This is an archive of an expired job.

Job Information:

Company: HSBC

HSBC Logo North America-United States-New York-New York

Utilize industry best practices, advanced modeling techniques, supplemented by expert judgment and qualitative evaluation, to drive a program of validation and independent review that meets the requirements and framework as defined by regulation and policy to provide credible independent challenge. Assess model development, implementation, use, validation, and governance. Model development covers areas such as risk management, conceptual soundness, data quality and relevance, and testing. Implementation verifies proper execution of the model. Use evaluates risk and application of the model. Validation assesses monitoring and outcomes analysis, and governance evaluates policies and procedures used in the modeling process, approvals, level of documentation, etc. Attend meetings representing IMR in discussions with different stakeholders, including external regulators (Federal Reserve Bank, OCC, etc.), Model oversight committees and internal audit.

TO APPLY: Must apply via email by sending resume to [email protected] and must reference “Job Code: 3276” to be considered.




Must have a Master’s degree in Business, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering or a related quantitative field and 4 years of credit and financial services experience.

Qualifying experience must include:

- Model development and management.
- Complex financial modeling and analysis, including risk and economic capital modelling.
- Machine learning including supervised and unsupervised learning techniques and application in financial modelling.
- Regulatory guidance including Basel II, Basel III guidance, FRB stress testing guidelines.
- Commercial and retail credit processes, risk assessment using econometrics, statistics, and simulation techniques.
- Programming skills in SAS, Matlab, R, Python and related statistical packages


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