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Federal Contracts Manager - ONE Gas, Inc. - Tulsa, OK - EXPIRED

This is an archive of an expired job.

Job Information:

Company: ONE Gas, Inc.

Position Description:
Manages federal customer relationships, contracts and agreements related to government privatizations, federal utility energy service contracts, and service contracts for operating, maintenance and construction. 
Ensures company compliance with all federal, state, and local government rules and regulations.
Oversee administration of agreements related to government privatizations, federal utility energy service contracts, and contracts for operating, maintenance and construction including, but not limited to:

  • Research/evaluation/negotiation of various proposals, contracts, agreements, amendments, and modifications
  • Analyze proposal and contract risks and provide recommendations for mitigation
  • Negotiation/renegotiation of terms of contracts
  • Determination of compliance/noncompliance with terms of agreements
  • Act as main point of contact for governmental agencies
  • Prepare and submit RFP responses for construction on privatized federal facilities
  • Evaluate and develop practices and procedures to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local government rules and regulations
Work closely with internal stakeholders to gather and process information that is communicated to federal contracting officers including but not limited to;
  • Construction project estimates
  • Billing and payment tracking
  • Annual rate adjustments
  • Completion of construction projects
  • Project status updates
  • Day to day activities related to privatization and federal utility energy service contracts
Interact, advise, and direct company employees, consultants, contractors and/or others in contractual areas including but not limited to:
  • Federal contract compliance
  • Pricing provisions
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Qualification questionnaires
Work in conjunction with corporate compliance and legal to develop and maintain a federal contract compliance program.
Monitor changes in applicable governmental regulations; determine effect on company procedures; and recommend changes in policy or practice to ensure compliance.


Position Requirements:

Bachelor's degree in accounting, business administration, engineering, other related field, or an equivalent combination of formal education.
Experience in contract preparation and/or administration.
Experience in economic and financial project analysis.
Working knowledge of developing or maintaining federal contract compliance programs.
Experience with application of algebraic equations, and general math skills.
Experience in use and function of office equipment including computers and applicable software.
Working knowledge of Government Services Administration (GSA), Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and 
Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFAR).
Experience analyzing, interpreting, and negotiating gas and/or service contracts relative to their implementation, renewal, or release.
Experience reading and interpreting tariffs, terms of contracts, industry publications, technical manuals, market reports, account data, and company policies and procedures.
Experience researching and preparing account correspondence, contracts, amendments, modifications, rate agreements, usage reports, account analysis, and rate comparison.
Experience interacting, negotiating, directing, and communicating effectively.