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Project Coordinator for Transmission Pipeline - ONE Gas, Inc. - Tulsa, OK - EXPIRED

This is an archive of an expired job.

Job Information:

Company: ONE Gas, Inc.

Position Description:
Position may be located in Oklahoma City or Tulsa. Position will be handling Transmission projects for Oklahoma Natural Gas.

Establishes schedule of projects and regular operations; provides input on expediting of pre-requisites, permits and special equipment and determines incorporation of supervisor schedule feedback..
Oversee and administer construction, maintenance and inspection work type coordination for a specific geographic boundary within a specified time frame.
Schedule construction, maintenance and inspection work types and job activities for a specific geographic boundary within a specified completion time frame.
Build schedules that utilize the available crew resources to the acceptable tolerance level.  Assign crews, materials and equipment to individual jobs with specific labor being assigned in a specific timeframe.
Maintain the resource availability and crew assignments within the scheduling tool for the appropriate window of time.
Identify need for additional resources to meet forecasted workload and collaborate with Resource Management.
Adjust and revise the dynamic job priorities to accommodate changing conditions, crewing for specific jobs based on unplanned absences and material and equipment allocations based on revisions occurring within set time frames.
Determine when specific jobs are ready to be scheduled by ensuring all pre-requisites are satisfied and approve for crews to be assigned.
Provide the supervisor's/crew leadership on crew assignments, job priorities, emergent work, and job status. Provide direction on next jobs in the event of an unexpected delay. Ensure supervisors/crew leadership maintains the schedule.
Compare resource availability to the work schedule to ensure balance is in place.
Collaborate with pre-requisite management to ensure pre-requisites are managed effectively within a specified time frame.  Pre-requisites include but are not limited to:
Pre-site inspections
Order flaggers
Order line locates
Perform on-going status updates with applicable departments to ensure a seamless transition of workload including; by exception; the transfer of a job back from Field Operations to work coordination.
Coordinate, perform or assign site pre-inspections to ensure work readiness as applicable.
Provide information, consultation, and/or assistance to customers, contractors, inspectors, city/county/state officials, employees, and others relative to company activities, policies, and procedures as applicable.
Facilitate timely discussions with field supervision to review scheduling attainability and the upcoming work week.

Position Requirements:
Minimum Associate's Degree business administration, management, other related field
Working knowledge of scheduling principles and practices.
Working knowledge of daily construction, maintenance, appurtenances, and operation of pipeline systems related to natural gas distribution systems preferred.
Knowledge of resource skillsets, operator qualifications, equipment and materials.
Demonstrated ability to coordinate work projects for most effective use of personnel and equipment.
Demonstrated ability to communicate and/or exchange information or instructions and conduct oral presentations.
Thorough understanding of various work types and specific task level dependencies required to execute the work.
Demonstrated ability to assess the impact of changes in the business environment or business operating conditions.
Application of math, advanced algebra and statistics.
Experience in use and function of office equipment including computers and applicable software.