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Business Analyst / Product Development Manager

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Seeking a position with a progressive company that needs a proven project manager with substantial experience in the technology industry. Over 20 years experience managing personnel and large corporate projects. Areas of expertise include project management, technology, process, marketing, product development lifecycle and Electronic Data Interchange. I am passionate about building motivated teams and getting projects completed on-time and under budget.

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Product Development Manager
Rooster Products International, Inc. | San Antonio, TX
July 2000 - Present

In my long career with Rooster Products, I have been challenged to take on several roles within the organization. Each one has contributed to my extensive body of knowledge.

November 2008 - Present: Product Development Manager
As of November of 2008, I have transitioned into a creative position within my company. My focus has been to contribute to corporate success by leveraging my team building skill and developing an e-strategy for the organization. Since this move, my responsibilities include:

Leading the Product Management team
Managing account programs totaling $60 million in revenue
Establishing product offerings based on market research and financial analysis
Creating Sales support literature and customer presentations
Product Design and factory communications
Developing and implementing our e-Strategy


Prior November 2008, my roles within the company grew from the narrow focus of our EDI program to the global vision of the Business Analyst. My varied roles have included the following:

July 2000 - November 2008 - EDI Analyst
My starting role with Rooster was as the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Analyst. I developed and managed the entire EDI program, from infrastructure and application strategies to client/customer relations. Some key aspects are:

Document life cycle
Partner setup
Partner Testing / Certification
Gentran Server for Windows and Gentran Integration Suite (AS2) Installation and Administration
Designed and developed automated invoicing system for legacy MRP
Custom EDI/Positional, EDI/ODBC mapping

May 2004 through November 2008- Information Technology Manager
Although I retained the sole responsibility for the EDI program, I added the title of Information Technology Manager. In this position, my scope expanded to include management of the IT team and a 200+ node Windows Enterprise network. My additional responsibilities included:

24/7, Six Sigma Server Uptime
Personnel Management and Team Building
Administrative / Budgeting
Writing, implementing and upkeep of corporate technology policies

May 2007 - November 2008: Business Analyst
Between May 2007 and November 2008 I moved into the role of Business Analyst, In that position I was challenged to:

Establish baselines for the metrics
Develop and implement efficient business processes
Create time weighted work flow analysis
Write policy and procedure
Project Management:
During my 9 year tenure, I have run several corporate projects from start to finish. A few of them are listed below:

Integrated new Distribution Center into our network, completed on time and 20% under budget
Gentran Integration Suite Implementation
MRP Upgrade from Btrieve DB to MS SQL 2000, increasing DB efficiency nearly 120%.
Service provider changes (telecom)
Implemented SAN solution and data migration off stand-alone servers
Implement Disaster recovery plan and backup protocols
Switch and Router Upgrade

Microsoft Visio 2007, XHTML, DHTML, Adobe CS4 - Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Microsoft Office Suite 2007, Gentran Integration Suite, Gentran Server for Windows, Microsoft Project 2007
PENDING - CAPM Certification
Project Management Institute: My application is approved and pending test.

Organization that meets annually to discuss EDI and Global Item Sychronization within the Hardlines Industry

Professional networking site. My profile can be viewed at

Utilized the New Warehouse to develop a new backup strategy that allows us to maintain near-line data offsite with no additional expense to the company.
Re-negotiated contracts and restructured telecommunications, realizing approximately $350,000 in annual savings and recovered $45,000 for the company in one deal.
Aligned departmental goals with Company objective by creating a business strategy for the department including user policies, internal procedures and growth plans.
Increased system availability to over 99.999% using scheduled maintenance, redundancy and control procedures.
Implemented policies and guidelines that reduced the legal liability of the organization and allowed the recovery of 30+% of the network resources.
Learned EDI mapping independently to alleviate the need for outsourcing providing a savings of $10,000.00 in annual operating expenses and $30,000.00 savings on a single project.
Authored Procedures that improved efficiency and accuracy resulting in 100% transaction process rate and enhanced customer relations.
Selected as 1 of 20 from 55,000+ Trading Partners to participate in pilot EDI program for one of the company's largest customers, The Home Depot.
Instituted policies to reduce customer fines saving the company in excess of $60,000 annually.
Incorporated 52 New Trading Partners from a company merger into the current infrastructure using internal resources only and cutting 25% off the project budget.

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