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Software Engineer - Gail Winfred

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Committed to provide your organization with skills and experience in building the most cost-effective applications to meet the current technology requirements.

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Gail G. Winfred
Software Engineer
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. Software: Java, C/C++, Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic, OOP/D (Object Oriented Programming), .NET, FORTRAN
. Application design: UML and Rational Rose
. Software tools: LabWindows/CVI, X-Windows, Motif, RapidApp, CORBA, StP, XRT Graph, ClearCase, TCP/IP
. O/S: UNIX (BSD, System V, Solaris 1 and 2), MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, VMS, MPX, Linux
. Technical courses: Hewlett Packard Fundamentals of Signal Analysis, HP35670A Users Course, Chemistry, Basic Electronics, Java, Ada

. M.S. Software Engineer, San Diego, CA
. M.I.S. Computer Security and I.S. Tools, San Diego, CA
. B.S. Computer Science, San Diego, CA

. Experience in large scale enterprise systems, design, testing, integration and full life-cycle.
. Proven expertise in designing and developing software in C, C++, LabWindows/CVI, .NET, and utilizing Window libraries.
. Knowledge of object oriented design, software development methodology, and software design patterns.
. Experience in installing applications, integration, configuring, and administering applications on Sun Solaris, Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows.
. Self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills.
. Proven ability to deliver high quality applications.
. Experience in software development, project supervisory, and team leadership.


Update Career June 2004 present
San Diego, CA
. Design a parser command line application and port the source file from C++ to C# (.NET) graphical user interface and write to a text file.
. Update experience through courses in Java, JavaScript, and Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams and models.
. Design and develop a prototype for HP3567A Dynamic Signal Analyzer with LabWindows/CVI and C/C++ on Windows XP.
. Update experience with computer security, encryption/decryption, risk management, network security and network/software architecture.
. Designed an Encryption/Decryption application with Object Oriented programming and design.

Software Engineer Sept 13 Oct 2004
SAIC/Innovative Solutions, San Diego, CA
. Analyze porting a system on a Vax to a system on a Compaq PC.
. Design and create a protocol of the user interface
. Port the system source code files written in FORTRAN 77+ to Compaq Visual FORTRAN.

Software Engineer May 2001 - Jan 2004
FDE Corp., San Diego, CA
. Redesigned a system to replicate touch panels for the tactics trainer on a NightHawk computer to a system on Linux. Software was coded with C, Motif and X11R5 and interfaced with Fortran code.
. Developed bitmaps of NTDS symbols.
. Led the design and development of the tactic trainer's geographical display.
. Led in the full life-cycle of a training software to display latitude and longitude lines of continental shorelines on a tactical trainer display.
. Led the design and development for a project to replicate an aircraft refueling scenario, in both daytime and nighttime with an integration of voice data for mileage from the aircraft to the landing on the carrier.
. Adjusted data retrieval query for optimized performance in data analysis and acquisition.
. Created and implement unit test scripts, update test plans and assisted with the customer acceptance tests, with the simulation software and hardware.
. Followed procedures of DOD-MIL-STD 2167A standards.

Software Engineer Jul 2000 Jan 2001
Predicate Logic, San Diego, CA
. Develop an application to transfer data to tables; coded with C++, C, SQL and XML. The application was developed within NT and executed on a HP UNIX workstation.
. Design and develop airport mapping points coded with C++, and XML.
. Analyze and document discrepancies between software and documents.

Senior Software Engineer Apr 1997 Jul 2000
BAESystems, San Diego, CA
. Within in a team of 30 engineers develop system communication windows on a Silicon Graphics workstation. Coded with C++, X Windows, and Motif. Software built on software design procedures, and Object Oriented Programming / Design.
. Developed system test scripts using C++ for the communication windows and test procedures.
. Developed test procedures to access the information and test the minimum/maximum of the system.
. Configuration management of source code using ClearCase and UML design diagrams using Rational Rose.

Programmer/Analyst Feb 1992 - Apr 1997
DynCorp, San Diego, CA
. Port a tracking system from the Sun Desktop Tactical Computer (DTC-2) to a Hewlett-Packard 400.
. Developed an application to display data, detect a location and convert the findings to actual time.
. Document and develop declassifying procedures on the VAX, DTC-2, Hewlett-Packard, and Chromatic computers.
. Developed virtual instruments (VI) programs to control, through TCP/IP and GPIB, an HP3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer, an HP35670C Dynamic Signal Analyzer, a Selective Level Meter and matrixes to control several HP3488A Switch Control Units. Coded with National Instrument's LabWindows/CVI, X11, Motif, and C.
. Modified an application to read from an analogue to digital card (Vigra) in real time.
. Develop an application, in the full life-cycle, to read/display underwater noise synchronously.
. Design and develop an application to store data information on gpib/enet boxes located on the intranet.

Software Engineer Apr 1991 - Dec 1991
NKF Engineering, San Diego, CA
. Develop frequency displays for the geographical plotter system, coded with C, Motif, X-Windows and MapServer library calls
. Develop a procedure to read the cursor location and access data files.
. Developed and integrated software to read the latitude and longitude locations to display the tracks of vehicles.
. Followed procedures of DOD-MIL-STD 2167A standards.

Software Engineer Oct 1990 - Feb 1991
RF Microsystems, San Diego, CA
. Port touch-tone telephone keypad signals and digital LPC-1 voice into multiple rate voice terminal (MRVT) compatible signals and digital voice frames.
. Defined functional and performance requirements, identified competing technological approaches to developed and implemented the computer software.
. Designed and develop code for embedded system, and test embedded data line communications, coded with C.
. Followed procedures of DOD-MIL-STD 1679 standards.

Lead Programmer/Analyst Jul 1987 - Oct 1990
Planning Research Corporation, San Diego, CA
. Led the design and development of a software configuration management application, coded with C.
. Perform tests on administering the ASVAB tests.
. Followed procedures of DOD-MIL-STD 7935 standards.

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