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Career Advice From the Experts

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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) Job Posting Packages

St. Louis July 14, 2014 WomensJobList.com announced new unlimited job posting packages designed specifically to help government contractors with OFCCP compliance. The OFCCP Unlimited family of packages allow any employer to automate the process of syndicating job postings to the WomensJobList...Read More

Cascade Asset Management, LLC - Managing By Example

Cascade Asset Management, LLC, an IT asset retirement and management company is a unique and forwardthinking company not only in what they do, but how they do it.  Husband and wife owners, Neil and Jessica PetersMichaud lead by example, setting goals for the number of women on the staff. ...Read More

The Three Stages of the Interview Process

Your career is possibly the most important investment you will ever make. The companies you decide to work for ultimately define your career and your finances. Making the decision to go to work for a specific company can change your life in more ways than one. The journey begins with the interview...Read More

How to Manage the Employment Background Check Process

In today’s competitive job market, background checks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and comprehensive. A company will attempt to know everything about you before they decide to hire you. What if you have an arrest record? What if you recently received a DWI (driving while intoxicated...Read More

Resume Tips

Font Matters
When emailing a resume make sure the font and type size you select are compatible with viewing on a mobile device as well as a computer screen.  People will often make the font way too small to be viewed on different devices. If a recruiter...Read More

Financial Industry Extremely Lucrative for Women

Women professionals are in demand in the financial services business! Package product wholesaling is one lucrative area of the financial services industry where women are underrepresented. Many asset managers (mutual fund companies), retirement plan providers, hedge funds, and insurance companies...Read More