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Director of Organizational Development Resume


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/ to Present The Park at Golf Mill, Niles, IL, a subsidiary of Horizon Bay

Business Manager responsible for financial and human resource management. Financial responsibilities include full financial and sales reporting and budget management. Key human resources responsibilities include recruiting, performance management, training and development, team building and coaching.

Recognized corporate-wide for the establishment of Risk Management best practices.

Reduced outstanding receivables by %.

Through the implementation of a strategic initiative involving coaching and interview skill training, and a structured interview process, reduced turnover by %.

Introduced MBTI team training to the Management Team.

/ to / Luna Solutions, Wheeling, IL

Principal responsible for independent HR/Organizational Development consulting. Services included general HR disciplines, organizational diagnosis, executive coaching, transition management, employee counseling and individual and team assessments.

/ to / Geneer Corporation (Formerly RDI Software – No Longer in Business), Des Plaines, IL

Director of Organizational Development responsible for Geneer’s People Management Systems, including accountability for performance and career management, management consulting and coaching.

Was hired as a member of the Executive Team to establish the organization’s first full-service HR function and to manage organizational issues.

Involved with transition management when the organization needed to change business models to meet changing markets. Focused recruiting efforts accordingly and applied hire assessments to ensure the highest level of talent. Grew the employment force from to while enjoying a % retention rate.

Coordinated the design and delivery of a non-technical training curriculum for a two-week BootCamp to orient new employees into Geneer’s diverse culture and technical methodologies. Designed training and team coaching that was supported by team personality MBTI® Type. Offered extensive one-on-one and team coaching during the two-week program. Co-authored an article about Geneer’s BootCamp which was published in the December issue of the Corporate University Review; “Geneer specializes in ‘growing’ people in high-tech environment”.

Designed a performance measurement system based on a strategic approach to competency modeling, incorporating both skills and attributes.

Was accountable for the management of Geneer’s Career Coach and Resource (CCR) Team, including quality and prompt delivery of performance appraisals and one-on-one career coaching for a technical staff of . Coordinated internal salary and stock option reviews to ensure they were in line with individual performance contributions and organizational strategy.

As Geneer’s first HR professional, established and managed a full service HR function to insure competitive market position and alignment with business needs. January focused % attention on the CCR Team.


to NBD Bank, Illinois (Now Bank One), Chicago, IL

Second Vice President / Training and Development ( – ) Assigned Corporate responsibility to create and manage a consolidated Training and Development function for NBD Bank, Illinois, a $. billion Illinois banking organization consisting of branches, locations and approximately employees. Member of a number of corporate steering and task force committees that dealt with training and development issues throughout the total NBD organization operating in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

Designed and implemented a structured program for the delivery of a complete retail banking training curriculum in Illinois, to include applications in Quality Service, Customer Relations, Product Knowledge, Sales, Lending, Management Leadership and other job specific technical training programs.

Vice President and Director of Human Resources NBD Arlington Heights Bank ( – ), a $ million organization with three locations and approximately employees. Following the merger with NBD in December managed certain corporate responsibilities for NBD Bank, Illinois.

Designed and implemented the Bank\'s first formal Human Resources function. After the merger, coordinated and implemented the Hay Job Evaluation System and a common Salary Administration Program for the then NBD Illinois Affiliate Banks. Was Chairperson for the NBD Illinois Non-Exempt Job Evaluation Committee.

Coordinated and implemented the installation of NBD\'s corporate flex benefit program. Prior to the merger, participated in the design of a consolidated corporate employee benefits package for a two-bank holding company, which resulted in a benefit cost savings of %.

Initiated various employee relations and communications programs to include the administration of employee attitude surveys and the subsequent establishment of an Employee Advisory Committee that dealt with employee relations’ policies and procedures.

Developed and implemented various other programs to support organizational objectives regarding recruiting and staffing strategies, and budget planning.


First National Bank of Mundelein (Now First of America Bank), Mundelein, IL, Vice President and Senior Operations Manager

Banco di Roma (Chicago), Chicago, IL, Assistant Vice President and Personnel Manager

United of America Bank (Now Mid-City Bank), Chicago, IL, Customer Service Officer and Director of Personnel


BA Degree in Business and Organizational Development, DePaul University
Graduate School of Banking, Madison, Wisconsin


Organizational Diagnosis, Certified (Sam Kaner, Ph.D.)
FIRO-B™, Authorized, (Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.)
The Strong Inventory, Authorized (Consulting Psychologist Press, Inc.)
MBTI® Authorized (Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.)
Transitional Change Management, Certified (William Bridges, Inc.)
Coaching for Results, Certified (Personnel Decisions, Inc.)


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Association for Psychological Type