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Work from home as a laundry service provider - Laundry Ladies, Inc. - Long Beach, CA

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Job Information:

Company: Laundry Ladies, Inc.

Would you like to work from home doing laundry?

Laundry Ladies, Inc. is looking for YOU!

We are a pickup and delivery laundry service, and all our “Laundry Lady Licensee’s (LLL)” are independent contractors. LLL’s work out of their home and are 1099’d at the end of the year. 

We have been in business since 2011 and are extremely busy and need more people who enjoy doing laundry and want the freedom to run their own business, make their own hours, and have the flexibility to truly work from home.

As a LLL member, you can enjoy being a business entrepreneur without having to start a company from scratch.  You will have access to our corporate website, a personal profile page, an invoicing system, your own company email, as well as numerous corporate marketing campaigns to assist you with finding customers. Ultimately, you run your own laundry service on your decided hours, days and location. 

We are looking specifically for Laundry Ladies in the Long Beach area as well as Irvine/Lake Forest in Orange County, CA, but you can run your business from anywhere in the country!

You can apply here: www.laundryladies.com simply click on "Become a Laundry Lady". Please be sure to read the FAQ's prior to applying.

Job Status:

This job is currently active.