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Production Assistant Resume


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Christina Cleary




B.S. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Kutztown, PA


Major: Electronic Media

Concomitant: Speech and Theatre



Internship Experience


Center City Film and Video, Philadelphia PA

 December ’-April ’

-Assisting producers with various office responsibilities and paperwork.

- Logging on set production notes during studio and field productions.

- Standing in as on-camera talent.   

-Assisting with building and breakdown of audio equipment, lights and sets.



Work Experience


Turnpike Pictures- RCA Voice Controlled Remote Commercial

Freelance Set Designer/ Props – December ’

-Worked with the director of production and production manager to design and construct the set.

-Responsible for purchasing props and assembling of set to compliment various shots.


How Do You Know Productions, Untitled James L. Brooks Project

Production Assistant September- October ’

Locations Production Assistant July ’

- Help maintain a positive and productive work flow between production team, members of the public, co-coordinating and communicating production resources and facility production managers. 

 -Aiding with construction and distribution of production paperwork  


Magic Gypsy Productions, Destination Home

Assistant to Director August ’

- Reading and organizing script scenes for demonstrational purposes.

- Organizing office personnel production calendar schedule

- Tending to various office tasks and attending production meetings


Blue Productions (set location) Blue Bell, PA

Production Assistant- July ’

-P.A. for Style Network reality television show “Split Ends”

-Responsible for talent and background to complete release forms

-Assisting camera and audio operators with equipment

-Sending footage and tape logs to LA offices

-Purchasing and returning props and wardrobe for talent


Paramount Pictures, M Night Shyamalan\\\'s The Last Airbender

Production Assistant June \\\'

-Filling and organizing talent paper work upon arrival and departure. 

-Perform different duties including facilitating a communication between associated departments.

- Assisting with and directing of background talent on set.


Center City Film and Video, Philadelphia PA

Production Assistant April \\\' - June \\\'

 -P.A. for Comcast on Demand studio and field shoots

-Responsible for organizing talent and release forms.

-Assisting crew with building and break down of equipment.

-Organizing and arranging of set props.



Skills & Abilities


  • Proficient in ‘Microsoft’ Office

  • Experienced with Final Cut Pro editing system.

  • Experience working with Photo Shop Pro.

  • Knowledgeable in linear and non-linear editing.

  • Experienced with operating a video camera.

  • Able to operate audio equipment.

  • Able to learn and pick up new skills very quickly and efficiently.

  • Excellent communication skills.




                      References available upon request