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Customer Service Associate - Guy La Ferrera - Miami, FL

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Job Information:

Company: Guy La Ferrera

A Customer Service Associate, or Customer Retention Associate, is responsible for helping customers with questions or concerns regarding company products and services. Their duties include communicating with customers in-person, over the phone or via email, filling out forms after each interaction to determine frequent customer feedback or questions and participating in meetings with the customer service team to develop new strategies.

Customer Service Associate duties and responsibilities

Customer Service Associates perform a variety of support tasks to offer exceptional service to customers. Their duties and responsibilities often include:

  • Listening to customers’ concerns and handling complaints and returns
  • Giving detailed explanations of services or products
  • Working with a sales team to create better methods to address customer complaints
  • Reviewing customer accounts and transactions while resolving issues
  • Communicating with customers in-person, through email or chat, over the phone or on social media
  • Receiving orders, calculating charges and processing payments
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction levels
  • Referring customers to superiors when necessary

Job Status:

This job is currently active.